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Laravel / October 31, 2012

Laravel UserAgent

For those coming from CodeIgniter you may have used the user agent library before and at times it is really useful. This ports it to a Laravel bundle and gives you all the features of the CodeIgniter one like: Agent::is_mobile() Agent::platform()

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Laravel Tutorials / October 26, 2012

Where can I get a complete list of Laravel events

On StackOverflow a user asked where can they can get a complete list of Laravel events. Jason Lewis gave the answer and I figured it would be useful for others. laravel.done laravel.log laravel.query laravel.resolving laravel.composing: {viewname} laravel.started: {bundlename} laravel.controller.factory laravel.config.loader laravel.language.loader laravel.view.loader laravel.view.engine view.filter eloquent.saving eloquent.updated eloquent.created eloquent.saved eloquent.deleting Read more…

Laravel / October 22, 2012

Great Circle calculations in Laravel models.

douggdev: This needs a little more attention this week but I’m porting my Haversine formula model from CodeIgniter to Laravel: Will be done this week? Hopefully time permitting. Going to be using it for work soon. Will send out a message, and push a master branch, when ready.

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Laravel / October 22, 2012

Keeping the Framework for Your Application Up to Date with Git

I recently started building a web application using the Laravel Framework. But, since I was building the application in my spare time, and a new version of Laravel was being released each week, I knew the version of the framework I started with would not be the same when I finished. Conundrum: I needed a …

Laravel / October 21, 2012

Proposed Q&A site for experts on Laravel

A proposed Stack Exchange Q&A site for experts on Laravel. I think this is a great idea and would lesson the burdon on Laravel running it’s own forum system. If you agree and want to see this please go and cast your vote. This message is paid for by the committee to keep Laravel awesome

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Laravel / October 20, 2012

Logging Client Side Javascript Errors

Ben Edmunds covers a nice solution to logging js errors using Laravel.

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Laravel / October 20, 2012

Setting Up Composer PHP Dependencies Manager in Windows

This is a guide written by Ayub Lin about how to setup Composer on Windows. If you haven’t used Composer yet you should give it a try. Life changing!

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Laravel / October 19, 2012

Get started with Laravel in the Amazon Cloud

BitNami recently released LAMP WAMP and MAMP Stacks with Laravel 3.2.10. This guide shows you how to setup your AMI using their stacks.

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Laravel / October 19, 2012

The Nerdary: Bundles in Laravel 4

nerdary: I sent Taylor Otwell, lead developer/creator of Laravel, a quick follow-up question about bundles. With Composer being a big part of the next release, the need for bundles disappears. Here’s what Taylor says: What’s called “bundles” now will be Composer packages in Laravel 4. I will…

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Laravel / October 18, 2012

Laravel vs. Yii – schema/migrations

This is part two of my “Laravel vs. Yii” series and this time we will have a look at schema design and migration support. Both candidates provide you with some nifty tools to directly interact with your database of choice. But before we dive into ORMs like ActiveRecord or Eloquent we will take a look …


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