Laravel / October 17, 2012

Laravel vs. Yii – controllers/routing

A summary of controllers and routing differences between Laravel and Yii. Personally I like Laravel’s better. But hey I am partial. :-)

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Laravel / October 16, 2012


CodeBug is a standalone mac app for debugging using xdebug. This is a really fantastic app. I used it just a little yesterday and my first response is two thumbs up. The only thing I wish it had was the ability to see everything assigned to a variable instead of just type. But I can …

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Laravel / October 15, 2012

Dependency Injection with PHP 5.3

A presentation by Fabien Potencier about Dependency Injection with PHP 5.3

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Laravel Tutorials / October 15, 2012

Laravel Video Tutorials and Source Code

Andrew Perkins currently has a series of 10 Laravel videos that covers everything from installation to security.

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Laravel Tutorials / October 14, 2012

Video: Install Laravel on fortrabbit with Git

In this tutorial screencast video you see one way (out of many) to install the classy PHP framework Laravel on the splendid fortrabbit PHP hosting platform. See the handy PHP Storm IDE and the gorgeous Git version control in action.

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Podcast / October 13, 2012

PHP Town Hall Discusses Laravel 4

On the first PHP Town Hall podcast Ben Edmunds and Phil Sturgeon welcome Taylor Otwell and discuss Laravel 4, composer, and paas hosting.

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Laravel / October 13, 2012

Getting Started With Laravel 4 – by @ccschmitz

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