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Laravel / November 29, 2012

Why Laravel is Taking the PHP Community by Storm

Jeffrey Way has written an excellent piece about the benefits of Laravel 4 and how it is moving the PHP world forward. Lately NetTuts has been a role with a lot of Laravel tutorials, videos, and even a whole course dedicated just to it.

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Laravel / November 26, 2012

Package Management with Composer made easy

Laravel 4 takes modularity a step (or, rather, a jump) further and seamlessly integrates with Composer, which is a powerful PHP packaging system that makes code sharing and dependency management a hassle-free experience. Adding third-party libraries is now just a few clicks/commands away and I will quickly demonstrate it by installing HybridAuth, a PHP library …

Laravel / November 26, 2012

Laravel Starter Book

Shawn McCool has written a brand new Laravel book and it is now available for purchase. Here is a brief overview: Laravel is fundamentally changing the PHP web-development landscape. Laravel is bringing the paradigm-shifts that PHP developers have been craving. We now can take control of our application architecture and advance our craft without needing …

Laravel / November 21, 2012

Laravel Conference

It’s the time we’ve all been waiting for. The very first gathering of Laravel artisans! Laracon is a two-day event where you will meet other members of the Laravel community, listen to engaging presentations, and learn how Laravel will make your PHP development more enjoyable. Laravel has announced details on it’s first ever conference which …

Laravel / November 12, 2012

Laravel 4 Pre-Beta Primer

With the recent release of sneak peek video’s for Laravel 4 there’s been a lot of talk about it lately. It’s still pre-beta and as such there’s very little documentation, but I know a lot of people are excited and would at least like to kick the tires. I’m not an expert myself, but I’ve …

Laravel / November 06, 2012

Laravel DataTables Bundle

This bundle is created to handle server-side works of DataTables Jquery Plugin by using Eloquent ORM or Fluent Query Builder. I just had a need to integrate DataTables and was pleasantly surprised to find a bundle for this. I couldn’t get it to install via artisan but by downloading manually it worked as described.

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Laravel / November 05, 2012

Laravel.IO: Reverse-Routing with Controller Actions

laravelio: Reverse-routing is generating URLs based on route declarations. For example the following route declaration tells Laravel to execute the action “register” in the controller “users” when the request’s URI is ‘register’. // Route::any(‘register’, ‘users@register’);

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