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Laravel / December 26, 2012

Moving from Laravel 3 to Laravel 4

In this post Jason Lewis covers some of the important changes migrating an application from Laravel 3 to the unreleased Laravel 4.

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Laravel / December 19, 2012

Laravel Events

Jason Lewis has a new post talking about the Laravel events system with an example use case. I love events and especially if you are building an application that allows plugins or modules from other devs. So nice to be able to give them a list of hooks that they can tie into.

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Laravel / December 14, 2012

Running the PHP Development Server With Laravel

In this post Matthew Daly gives you an artisan task to create a working php server. He does note that php 5.4 is required but looks to be useful for quickly doing testing or dev work.

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Laravel / December 14, 2012

Some Tips for Laravel Newbies has a great post looking at Laravel from a newbie prospective. It covers the basics such as app structure, routing, ORM, and autoloading.

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Laravel / December 07, 2012

New Conference Site is Up

The Laravel conference site has been updated to include more sponsors, speaker bio’s and speaker photos. Of course their is always “that guy”. Kenny Meyers has yet to provide a bio so I decided to write one for him: My name is Kenny Meyers no relation to Mike Meyers but I have a lot in …

Laravel / December 06, 2012

Building a User Management System in Laravel

There’s no shortage of good resources for learning laravel. So instead of the usual introductory tutorial were just gonna learn Laravel by building a project from scratch and that’s gonna be a User Management System.

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Laravel / December 05, 2012

What are Fluent and Eloquent? covers the differences between Fluent “the query-builder” and Eloquent “ActiveRecord”.

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Laravel / December 05, 2012

Laravel 3 – Break up your routes file

Jesse O’Brien shares a few tips on breaking up your routes.php for better organization.

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Laravel / December 04, 2012

Marc Mulzer

Marc Mulzer shares 12 reasons why you should switch from CodeIgniter to Laravel

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Laracon / December 03, 2012

Go to Laracon

nerdary: You should go to Laracon. Not solely because Laravel is one of the best things to come out of PHP in years. Nor because of its creator’s charming drawl. You should go because for the first time in years there is a small chance that The Nerdary (the one that counts) may be assembling. …

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