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Laravel / January 31, 2014

Firewall – Block IP Addresses

A Laravel 4 package to help you block IP addresses from accessing your application or just some routes Antonio Ribeiro just released a laravel package that will allow you to block IP addresses either to your whole application or specific routes. This can be handy in a lot of situations and the two that come …

Laravel Tutorials / January 31, 2014

LeanPub – Book buying tips

This isn’t a post against LeanPub as a company or a service. I wanted to take this time to remind potential book buyers about some pitfalls of the LeanPub process. LeanPub allows books to go on sale before they are complete which does have some positives and negatives. From an author standpoint I see the …

Laravel / January 30, 2014

Playing With Laravel 4 And Telerik UI | ThoughtStream

Derick Bailey shares his frustrations getting php setup and some neat integrations with Telerik UI. I use Derick’s Backbone Marionette and I am happy to see him trying out Laravel.

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Laravel / January 30, 2014

Laravel Package, Event-Driven PHP, WebSockets

BrainSocket allows developers to quickly and easily deploy a WebSocket server running Laravel with a simple Artisan command. This looks very cool and great looking site. I have been using pusher and it has been great, but I am glad to see alternatives like this available.

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Laravel / January 29, 2014

PHP Developer Chrome Extensions

Here is a list of my favorite chrome extensions that I use on a daily basis for various development tasks: JSON Formatter Chrome extension for printing JSON and JSONP nicely when you visit it ‘directly’ in a browser tab. var_dumpling Beautifies your var_dumps and makes them easier for humans to comprehend. No pre tags and …

Laravel / January 29, 2014

Open Source Project of the Year : The Net Awards 2014 : Celebrating the best the Internet has to offer

Go vote for the Open Source Project of the Year. Some very good choices but of course I would have to give my vote to Laravel. ;)

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Laravel / January 28, 2014

Free Programming Books

A HUGE list of free programming books. It looks like it has books on almost every topic imaginable.

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Laravel / January 27, 2014

What is coming to

Shawn McCool announced on twitter than the new will be launching Friday and I wanted to share a few of the new features headed your way. GitHub Authentication GitHub auth is not secondary. It’s going to be the only way of interacting. This is controversial to some. However, it solves an incredible amount of …

Laravel / January 27, 2014

Node.js vs Laravel

A comparison of Node.js and Laravel: two of the most advanced web frameworks; look at similarities, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This is an interesting comparison but I think he leaves out one of the most important features which is hosting. PHP still dominates in that landscape. I do think Node is the one thing …

Laravel / January 27, 2014

FormatController – Return results with JSON, CSV, HTML

Dan Harper created: A Laravel Controller which allows you to display report data in multiple formats. For example, you may display a preview as HTML, and offer buttons to download as CSV and JSON.

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