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Laravel / February 28, 2014

Vagrant 1.5 Feature Preview: Vagrant Share

With Vagrant 1.5, we’re introducing a feature that will allow you to share your running Vagrant environment with anyone, on any network connected to the internet. We’re calling this feature ‘Vagrant Share.’ Now this is something that sounds exciting and could be really useful.

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Laravel Packages / February 28, 2014

Laravel Blade on Steroids

Lots of cool extensions to Blade to help with common tasks. The Automatic command generation stuff is interesting.

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Laravel / February 27, 2014

Atom Editor – Why coffeescript?

This tweet by Michael Koziarski sums it up pretty nicely: So many angry, condescending and entitled nerds, must be the release day for a new text editor! — Michael Koziarski (@nzkoz) February 27, 2014 I’m personally very optimistic of the editor. Not only do I see it improving but also pushing the other editors forward. …

Laravel / February 27, 2014

Get Off MAMP…Now

MAMP is fantastic for newcomers. It makes the process of setting up your development stack as simple as possible. However, this breaks down as soon as you need to extend or modify any of its components. Secondly, don’t you want your development environment to be as close as possible to your production environment? I’ll be …

Laravel / February 27, 2014

Literate Programming

Ryan Tablada shares his thoughts on Literate Programming and thoughts on integrating it with blade. My initial bias is that I’m not really a fan of it, but this is something I haven’t dove into and actually used in practice, it would be wrong of me to pass judgment.

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Laravel / February 27, 2014

DHTMLConf 2014

We’re gonna conference like it’s 1999. Brilliant marketing after the 90s developers post from yesterday.

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Laravel / February 26, 2014

GitHub – Atom Editor

At GitHub, we’re building the text editor we’ve always wanted. A tool you can customize to do anything, but also use productively on the first day without ever touching a config file. Atom is modern, approachable, and hackable to the core. We can’t wait to see what you build with it. Can I buy stock …

Laravel / February 26, 2014

Only 90s Web Developers Remember This

1×1.gif should have won a fucking Grammy. Or a Pulitzer. Or Most Improved, Third Grade Gym Class or something. It’s the most important achievement in computer science since the linked list. It’s not the future we deserved, but it’s the future we needed (until the box model fucked it all up). It was such a …

Laravel Packages / February 26, 2014

PHP Variables to JavaScript

Often, you’ll find yourself in situations, where you want to pass some server-side string/array/collection/whatever to your JavaScript. Traditionally, this can be a bit of a pain – especially as your app grows. This is a new package from Jeffrey Way at Laracasts that will allow you to easily pass php variables to your JavaScript. This …

Laravel Packages / February 25, 2014

Foreman – scaffolding your Laravel applications

Brian Webb: Foreman is a Laravel application scaffolding tool that automates common tasks you typically perform with each new Laravel app you create. The directives you want Forman to perform are outlined in a JSON based template file. This seems like a neat utility. Brian shows a more real world example in this gist and …


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