Laravel / May 27, 2014

Django renames master/slave terminology

Django received a pull request to rename “master/slave”: While this terminology has been used for a long time, those terms may carry racially charged meanings to users. I applaud them for taking this serious and they renamed it to “primary/replica”. Just because terms have been used for many years doesn’t mean you can’t change them …

Laravel / May 26, 2014

The Code Manifesto

Kayla Daniels on her Code Manifesto: I want to work in an industry that is welcoming and empowering. I want people outside our industry to look in and see a place where people, all people, regardless of their demographics, are able to do great things. A place that is supportive and helpful. The more people …

Laracon / May 26, 2014

Laracon Videos Update

Ian Landsman shared this on twitter yesterday: People of Laravel. It takes more than a few days to edit down 500gb of vid from multi streams. They're coming. #patience — Ian Landsman (@ianlandsman) May 25, 2014 Not only are there multiple steams but also not all angles show the slides. They will be published as …

Laravel Tutorials / May 23, 2014

IronMQ and Laravel: Implementation

Rajiv Seelam finished off the IronMQ and Laravel series at SitePoint today: We will make a jobs table which has job_id, and the status of the job. When you put a job on the queue, the job status will be queued and when we receive the job, we set the status to running. Accordingly, after …

Laravel Tutorials / May 23, 2014

Setting up a New Database in Homestead with Envoy

Garrett St. John has another Homestead and Envoy tutorial out today. In this one he automates the process of creating a database with Envoy. What I love is how nicely these three tools work together. Envoy, Homestead, and Forge.

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Laravel / May 23, 2014

Idea Person FAQ

This is a great entry on the Pastry Box about “the idea person”. You know the person thinks the idea for the app is all that matters and actually means something. There is no such thing as a quick little app. All apps take a long time. Also, never say this to a designer or …

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Laravel / May 23, 2014

Last Minute Sponsorship Available

I had a last minute change in sponsorship and next week is now available if you act quick. Also because it’s short notice I’m offering a hefty discount. See the sponsorship page for details and for contact information.

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Laravel Tutorials / May 22, 2014

Laracasts – Server Management with Forge

Laracasts is running a new series to get you up and going on Laravel Forge. Services like DigitalOcean and Linode are incredibly cheap and scalable, however, they do assume a certain level of server administration knowledge. Even with these skills, performing common tasks can prove to be a burden. Thankfully, Laravel Forge is here to …

Laravel Tutorials / May 21, 2014

Self Updating Composer with Envoy

Garrett St. John has a new tutorial about updating Composer with Envoy: I was deploying a site today with Laravel Envoy and noticed that Composer was complaining about using a build older than 30 days old. Logging in manually and running the self-update is totally doable, but why not use Envoy to make the update?

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Laracon / May 21, 2014

Laracon Slides – Demystifying Modern Javascript

Tim Griesser has just made available his slides from the Demystifying Modern Javascript talk he gave at Laracon. Slide #14 is my favorite. No bias whatsoever. :)

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