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Laravel / July 31, 2014

Organizing CSS

In last weeks newsletter I talked a bit about CSS and how Matt Stauffers video got me to start looking around at all the different methods of structuring. I honestly wasn’t even thinking about using all three together and in this post Matt shows you how they do it at Tighten: I wanted to clarify …

Laravel / July 31, 2014

Eloquent by Example

Jeff Madsen has started a new initiative to help show examples with Eloquent: Eloquent by Example aims to be an open-source, community-driven set of working example code for every type of Eloquent ORM functionality. There will be migrations and seed generators for all examples, so that we can build up a common repository with the …

Laravel / July 30, 2014

Study Journal

Allow me to introduce a side project that I’ve been working on, Study Journal. The idea with Study Journal is to help you remember what you’ve learned during a period of time. Basically you create notes, stating what you’ve learned, and Study Journal tells you when its time to repeat the contents – spaced repetition …

Laravel Applications / July 30, 2014

Laravel Gurus – Directory of consultants and freelancers

UserScape just published a new endeavour, Laravel Gurus. This site is a directory of Laravel consultants and freelancers that can help you with your next project.

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Laravel / July 29, 2014

PHP 7 will be the next major release

It’s official: The vote has ended. By 58 votes to 24, the next major release of PHP, to succeed the 5.x series, shall be named PHP 7. The more I think about it the more I agree with the decision.

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Laravel Tutorials / July 29, 2014

Setup AWS with Laravel Forge

Matt Stauffer has a new tutorial in his Laravel Forge series. This one gives you instructions for setting up AWS: Today we’re going to get a rudimentary single-instance application running on AWS, managed by Forge, using the “Custom VPS” option. This post assumes little-to-no experience with AWS, but does assume general competency with managing servers, …

Laravel Packages / July 29, 2014

Laravel Ultimate Package Installer

This is a new package designed to make installing other packages easy by auto configuring their service providers, facades, and publishing package assets. It looks to take Ryan’s Package Installer to the next level.

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Laravel Tutorials / July 28, 2014

Treehouse – Laravel Basics

Treehouse has published a set of videos intros to teach you the basics of Laravel: “Learning a new framework can be daunting, but it’s also exciting.” – Together we will learn the basics of the PHP framework Laravel. From watching the intro and reading the descriptions of the sections this is very much a 101 …

Podcast / July 28, 2014

Bootstrapped Episode 46 – Jeffrey Way of Laracasts

This week we have special guest Jeffrey Way. We talk about how he’s bootstrapped Laracasts, how he got started in Laravel, the philosophy behind Laracasts, pricing, hiring, building a personal brand, supporting open source, how to make a great screencast, working for The Man. This is a great episode to give you a little behind …

Laravel Tutorials / July 28, 2014

Easy Bootstrap Forms In Laravel

Stidges has a new Laravel tip for working with Bootstrap forms: When you are working with Bootstrap in Laravel, the extra div’s that are required to format the form properly can really get in the way of the readability of your template. In this post we take a look at how to make it easier …


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