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Laravel Tutorials / July 26, 2014

Blade β€œor” Operator

The following is an excerpt from a previous issue of my weekly Laravel News Digest. Signup and have useful tips like this delivered right to your inbox. This week I came across a question about ternaries in Laravel blade. Well, not asking that exactly, but that was the premise. I replied about the use of …

Laravel / July 25, 2014

Laracon EU Ticket Giveaway

The folks over at Vehikl are running a contest to give away a free ticket to Laracon EU. The contest ends in 6 days so go and signup if you would like to attend but haven’t gotten a ticket.

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Laravel / July 25, 2014

Composer: Stability and Semantic Versioning Demystified

Beau Simensen gave a talk yesterday at Nomad PHP on composer and he has just posted up his slides. Understanding stability and semantic versioning makes a huge impact on daily life with Composer. Learn how to decode Composer’s solver errors, get a better understanding of semantic versioning, how dependencies interact with each other when it …

The Artisan Files: Chris Fidao
The Artisan Files / July 25, 2014

The Artisan Files: Chris Fidao

In this weeks Artisan Files lets meet Chris Fidao. Chris is a coder, speaker, and writer. As you can see in the picture he also has an uncanny ability to make others either gaze in excitement or go to sleep. Can you tell us a little about yourself? How’d you get into web dev? Yea! …

Laravel / July 24, 2014

Converting a flattened PDF to HTML/CSS

Today Matt Stauffer published a tutorial video of him converting a pdf into a psd and then into an HTML/CSS comp. I’ve been doing a lot of this type of work the past few days and fighting with Photoshop every step of the way. I think it’s great to see how others do tasks like …

Laravel / July 24, 2014

Nomad PHP July Meetings are today

The July meetings for Nomad PHP are this afternoon and it looks like two great topics: Beyond Design Patterns by Anthony Ferrara Many people teach design patterns as a fundamental step to Object Oriented Programming. They are so universally seen as important that almost every single programming conference that I have been to has had …

Laravel Books / July 23, 2014

Book Review – Integrating Frontend Components

Maks Surguy has a new book out titled “Integrating Front end Components with Web Applications” and I finally had the chance to sit down and give it a read. The book is designed to show you step by step how to integrate common JavaScript plugins into your Laravel application. You might be thinking integrating plugins …

Laravel Tutorials / July 23, 2014

Codeception, Javascript and Laravel Homestead

Antonio Carlos Ribeiro has a new tutorial showing you how integrate Codeception with a Webdriver on Homestead. You can use Codeception to test Javascript, like DOM manipulations and Ajax requests. Out of the box it can manipulate DOM elements but can’t execute Javascript code, like most testing frameworks. But it gives you the option to …

Laravel / July 22, 2014

Sneak Peak of the PHP Language Spec

From SaraMG on Twitter: Want a sneak peek at the PHP language spec the @HipHopVM team has been working on? Great stuff!

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Laravel Packages / July 22, 2014

Laravel JSON API

JSON API helpers for Laravel 5: This package aims to make it easy to create a compliant API with Laravel. I believe this would be great for those of you using Ember and how it wants to consume json.

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