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Laracon / August 30, 2014

Laracon Slides – Lisp

Slides from Igor Wiedler’s talk at on Lisp.

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Laracon / August 30, 2014

Laracon Slides – PHP Annotations: They exist!

Slides from Rafael Dohms talk on Annotations Annotations are more than phpdoc comments, they’re a fully-featured way of including additional information alongside your code. We might have rejected an RFC to add support into the PHP core, but the community has embraced this tool anyway! This session shows you who is doing what with …

New Laravel 5 Features
Laravel Tutorials / August 29, 2014

New Laravel 5 Features

Update – This list is now outdated. Checkout the Laravel 5 post which covers all the new features with links to resources and tutorials. Here is a list of new Laravel 5 features that have been mentioned so far. Lots more has been done under the hood but these are the important ones that will …

Laracon / August 29, 2014

Laracon Slides – Comprehensive Validation with Laravel 4

Kirk Bushell’s slides on validation in Laravel 4: Taking basic validation rules to a more manageable, readable state by implementing architectural solutions that make our validation requirements beautiful.

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Laracon / August 29, 2014

Laracon Slides – Neo4j Graph Databases

Michelle Sanver’s slides from Traditional relational databases — ironically — are not that good at the complex relationships some modern applications need. Multiple joins and complex sub-queries can gradually take a toll on performance. Graph Databases, on the other hand, are all about relationships. In this talk we will look at using the popular …

Laracon / August 29, 2014

Laracon Slides – Sharing Laravel

Slides from Matt Stauffer’s talk on Sharing Laravel – Bringing Laravel’s Best Assets to Any Project.

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Laracon / August 29, 2014

Laracon Slides – Portable Environments with Vagrant

Erika Heidi’s slides from – Portable Development Environments with Vagrant (and Ansible)

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The Artisan Files / August 29, 2014

The Artisan Files: Dries Vints

This week I’m happy to have Dries Vints featured in the Artisan Files. Dries is a developer, open source activist, and is now responsible for – The Laravel community portal.

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Laracon / August 28, 2014

Laracon Slides – Packages & In-depth Laravel Tricks and Tips

Andreas Lutro posted slides from his “In-depth Laravel Tricks and Tips” talk at Laracon.

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Laracon / August 28, 2014

Laracon Slides – Coding like a Girl

Slides from Gabriela D’Ávila’s talk on Coding like a girl Coding Like a Girl How teams with women gain with the diversity.

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