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Laracon / August 28, 2014

Laracon Slides – TDD: The Good Parts

Slides from Adam Wathan’s talk – TDD: The Good Parts: Test-driven development can be hard, and a lot of the “rules” can often become a distraction from the real reasons you’re writing tests in the first place. In this talk, you’ll find out what the real benefits of TDD are, what really makes code …

Laracon / August 28, 2014

Laracon Slides – Getting started with Package development

by Hannes Van De Vreken Beginner and intermediate hints to increase the credibility of your package.

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Laracon / August 28, 2014

Laracon Slides – Beyond php – it’s not (just) about the code

Slides from Wim Godden’s talk. Most PHP developers focus on writing code. But creating Web applications is about much more than just wrting PHP. Take a step outside the PHP cocoon and into the big PHP ecosphere to find out how small code changes can make a world of difference on servers and network. …

Laracon / August 27, 2014 Live Blog

Starting this Friday will have a live blog of all the main talks. The schedule shows the first talk starting at 11am CET (GMT +2). Looks to be some great talks and I wish was attending. :)

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Laravel Packages / August 27, 2014

Bootstrapper v5 for Laravel

Bootstrapper is a set of classes that allow you to quickly create Twitter Bootstrap 3 style markup. An interesting project.

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Laravel / August 27, 2014

Using Composer and Laravel in your WordPress plugin

Don Allen has a new tutorial for integrating Composer and Laravel components in a WordPress plugin: In this tutorial, we’re going to build a simple plugin that utilizes libraries from Laravel and Guzzle. I’ll show you how to autoload these classes, and how to use them inside your plugin.

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Laravel / August 27, 2014

A Single Div Project

Started a little CSS drawing project called A Single Div (one div per drawing). — Lynn Fisher Talk about feeling inadequate.

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Laravel / August 26, 2014

Engine Yard Is Sponsoring Composer

Engine Yard: with the runaway success of the project, and the additional burden that places on both development and hosting, we felt like now was a critical time for us to extend our support for something that so many people (including us!) have come to depend on. This is great news for the composer project …

Laravel / August 26, 2014

Gulp 4 – The vision, history, and future of the project

Check out this post to learn about gulp, it’s vision, history, and whats in store for the future: gulp is simply vinyl, vinyl-fs, orchestrator, a CLI, and a set of guidelines to help people make good plugins. Even with a tiny feature set, it has completely disrupted the build tool ecosystem and kicked off a …

Laravel / August 25, 2014

Laravel File-Based CMS

Early today I shared that Flysystem is going to be included in 4.3. If you’d like to find out more about this package be sure and read up on their docs. Chris Pitt also has a great tutorial on using it for creating a file based CMS with Laravel. Give that a read over if …

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