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Laravel / August 25, 2014

Laravel 5.0 with Flysystem

Flysystem will be a great addition and it will allow lots of use cases. Hat tip to @iantonioribeiro for bringing this to light.

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Laravel Packages / August 25, 2014

iSeed – Laravel Inverse Seed Generator

iSeed: Inverse seed generator (iSeed) is a Laravel 4 package that provides a method to generate a new seed file based on data from the existing database table.

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Laravel Tutorials / August 25, 2014

Laravel Tip – Form::select

In yesterdays digest I included the tip of using array_pluck with the Form::select helper. I had a few replies and questions about it so I wanted to try and clarify any confusion I may have caused. In the email I used the following example: Form::select(‘user’, array_pluck(Users::all(), ‘username’, ‘id’); A few things are wrong with this …

Laravel / August 22, 2014

Burnout is real

Jeff Lembeck has a post on The Pastry Box talking about burnout: Burnout is real. It’s part of this job and is part of any job that I’ve ever had, and it’s really hard to kick. The trick to it seems to lie in finding outlets that differ enough from your normal patterns that you …

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Laravel / August 22, 2014

Discussion on the New Laravel Directory Structure

There has been a few mentions on twitter that the next major version of Laravel will have a new directory structure. Work has already started in the develop branch and I came across a good discussion around this today on Reddit. If you are interested in this go give it a read and share your …

The Artisan Files / August 22, 2014

The Artisan Files: Jesse O’Brien

This week I’d like to welcome Jesse O’Brien to the Artisan Files series. Jesse is a father, developer and a cheat sheet maker.

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Laravel Tutorials / August 22, 2014

Upgrading Laravel Homestead to PHP 5.6

Coderabbi shows us how to upgrade Homestead using a PHP 5.6 PPA: PHP 5.6 is nearly upon us! According to, the last minor upgrade to PHP 5 will be released on August 28th, bringing with it some powerful and exciting new features including variadic functions, argument unpacking, function and constant importing, constant scalar expressions, …

Laravel Tutorials / August 21, 2014

Build a RESTful API with Laravel

programmableweb: While designing a good RESTful API takes a lot of thought and planning, thanks to application frameworks that have been developed with REST in mind, the nuts and bolts of implementation has never been easier. This how-to explores RESTful API implementation using Laravel

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Laravel Tutorials / August 21, 2014

Laravel Views 101

Maks Surguy released chapter 4 of his “Laravel – My first framework” book. This chapter focuses on views and all the encompasses. Layouts, blade, and helpers.

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Laravel Tutorials / August 21, 2014

Five Hidden Gems of Laravel

Nice list of some hidden Laravel goodies. The five include: Cascading Views Collections Regular Expression Filters The Message Bag Fluent I actually forgot about the cascading views. derp :)

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