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Laravel Tutorials / September 30, 2014

Looping Collections with Laravel Blade

In this tutorial post @koomai demonstrates multiple ways of looping through data with Blade.

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Laravel / September 30, 2014

Composer & virtual packages

Virtual packages allow you to have a more loose dependency. Rather than depending on a specific package, you depend on a virtual one, which can be fulfilled by all packages that provide the virtual one. Sounds confusing? Lets have a look at an example.

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Laravel Tutorials / September 30, 2014

Removing port 8000 in Homestead

Dries Vints shows us a quick tip for removing port 8000 when using Homestead: This is how the docs tell us to do it and enables us to browse to our app using http://dries.loc:8000. But there’s a way to omit the port number. Instead of using your localhost you should link to your ip address …

Laravel Tutorials / September 29, 2014

Laravel 5 – Cloud Files

Matt Stauffer shows us how easy it is to swap out the native file driver with cloud storage such as S3 or Rackspace.

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Laravel / September 29, 2014

Sponsor: Automated Cron and Queue Monitoring

I’d like to thank for being this weeks sponsor. Imagine finding out your backup cron was not running for 3 weeks and you had no idea (and no backups). Or have you ever had a queue or cron job go down in the middle of the night, not to find out until the next …

Development Tools / September 29, 2014

Custom blade tags and directives in Phpstorm

Friday Phpstorm released an updated EAP version that supports custom blade tags and directives. This is a nice feature for those who are using Laravel 5 and it’s new raw blade control syntax. I also noticed they added support for Gulp and running your defined tasks. It’s getting to the point where you almost never …

Laravel Tutorials / September 26, 2014

Tips on running faster database seeds

When you have to frequently run your database seeders, even a short time spent waiting for them to finish can add up. This article contains a couple of tips that should cut down this time and let you get on with your coding!

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The Artisan Files / September 26, 2014

The Artisan Files: Jon Behr

This week meet Jon Behr, CEO of AccountsPortal, Laravel London organizer, and developer.

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Laravel Blade @each
Laravel Tutorials / September 25, 2014

Laravel Blade @each

I’m sure you’ve been there. You need to loop a collection and either show the results or display a “no results” view. A common way to approach this in Blade could be to do something like this: @if (count($records)) @foreach ($records as $record) @include(‘record.item’, $record) @endforeach @else @include(‘’) @endif Sure that works but kind of …

Laravel Tutorials / September 25, 2014

Fixing the preliminary bash vulnerability on Forge

UPDATE: Ubuntu released a patch to fix this vulnerability after I wrote this post, and since Forge auto-applies security fixes nightly, all Forge-managed servers are now safe. You can read on for fun, but you’re now safe. Matt Stauffer has a post for details on performing a preliminary fix for the bash vulnerability on Forge. …


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