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The Artisan Files / October 31, 2014

The Artisan Files: Pablo Chiappetti

This week I welcome Pablo Chiappetti to the Artisan files series. Pablo runs the popular Laravel Buenos Aires meetup.

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Setting up Laravel Elixir with Bootstrap
Laravel Tutorials / October 31, 2014

Setting up Laravel Elixir with Bootstrap

Please Note: This tutorial is designed around Laravel 5 and the beta version of Elixir. You can find a recent tutorial here: Setup Bootstrap Sass with Laravel Elixir This tutorial will remain on the site for historical reasons but you should read the new one. One exciting feature coming in Laravel 5 is the new …

Laravel / October 29, 2014

Laravel Newsletter Improvements

This past week I asked subscribers to fill out a brief survey about the newsletter. My hope with that is to improve based on feedback instead of going with my gut feelings. The responses have been fantastic and helped me see some of your pain points. The most requested feature is to change the “This …

Laravel / October 29, 2014

Bootstrap 3.3.0 Released

Bootstrap 3.3.0 is here! This release has been all about bug fixes, accessibility improvements, and documentation updates. We’ve had over 700 commits from 28 contributors since our last release. Woohoo! Here are some of the highlights: Added a handful of new Less variables for easier customization. Removed recent progress bar changes for low percentages. Removed …

Laravel / October 29, 2014

Major breaking changes in Angular 2.0

Developers that are used to the incumbent look and feel of Angular are in few surprises. As InfoQ’s David Iffland comments, the framework will be “drastically different looking”, meaning users will need to get to grips with a new kind of architecture. It’s also been confirmed that there will be no migration path from Angular …

Podcast / October 28, 2014

Voices of the elePHPant – Erika Heidi Reinaldo

This short podcast features a little background on Erika, speaking advice, and overcoming your fear of picking a topic to submit. You know something that no one else knows. — Cal Evans

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Laravel Tutorials / October 28, 2014

Tips for versioning a Laravel API

Chris Pitt has a new tutorial giving tips on versioning of an API: Imagine that you have just built an API and a few weeks after release, analytics show that many users cross-post their content to Medium. So the client tells you that every new user must have a link to their Medium profile. If …

Laravel Tutorials / October 27, 2014

The basics of building a Laravel and Angular application

Angular Tips has a new post showing how to setup Laravel and Angular.

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Code Smart – A New Book by Dayle Rees
Laravel / October 27, 2014

Code Smart – A New Book by Dayle Rees

Dayle Rees just announced that he starting work on a new book for Laravel 5 named “Code Smart”: Code Smart, will be my next Laravel title, dedicated to Laravel 5. It will contain all the tips, tricks and guides you need to get to work with Laravel’s components, and the Laravel 5 way of thinking. …

Development Tools / October 27, 2014

Laravel Live Templates for PhpStorm – Including Annotations

koomai has updated the Laravel live templates for PhpStorm to include v5 annotations. Here is a list of all the live templates included: Annotations Blade Input Request Cookie Route View Response Redirect Schema (includes column types) Cache Form Session Helpers For quick access use the keyboard shortcut Cmd+J

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