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News / November 28, 2014

Black Friday – Laravel Forge Special

Save money by purchasing a year on the Forge Plus plan.

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Laravel Tutorials / November 27, 2014

Your First Feature with BDD and Laravel

In this article Peter Suhm shows you how to setup your first feature: We have now described and designed our first feature, completely using a BDD approach. We have seen how we can benefit from designing the core domain of our application, before we worry about the UI and the framework specific stuff. We have …

Laravel Tutorials / November 27, 2014

Learn about Laravel’s IoC Container

Jason Lewis shows you everything you need to know about Laravel’s IoC Container in his latest post on tuts+: Inversion of Control, or IoC, is a technique that allows control to be inverted when compared to classical procedural code. The most prominent form of IoC is, of course, Dependency Injection, or DI. Laravel’s IoC container …

Special Laracasts Holiday Sale
Laravel / November 26, 2014

Special Laracasts Holiday Sale

Laracasts ran a special holiday sale this week. I’m sorry but the sale ended before the newsletter came out.

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Laravel / November 26, 2014

Laravel 5 T-Shirts Available

Laravel has a new shirt out that you can add to your arsenal.

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Laravel Packages / November 26, 2014

Lock – Acl for PHP

Lock is a flexible, driver based Acl package for PHP 5.4+

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Laravel Packages / November 25, 2014

Station – A Development framework for Homestead

Station is a simple, module based framework for customizing the laravel/homestead vagrant environment.

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Laravel Packages / November 25, 2014

Laravel Continuous Integration Package

This is a new package from Antonio Ribeiro that includes a dashboard view, CLI, and test framework compatibility with Codeception and PHPUnit.

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Laravel Packages / November 25, 2014

Laravel User Messenger

Chris Gmyr has a new Laravel package that allows you to easily integrate a user messaging system.

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Laravel Packages / November 24, 2014

Cachet – Open Source Status Page

Cachet is a single-site, alternative to written in PHP with the Laravel project, supporting both SQLite and MySQL databases.

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