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Laravel Packages / December 31, 2014

Composer Security Advisories Package

Roave Security Advisories is a composer package that will ensure your dependencies do not have security vulnerabilities. The checks are only executed when adding a new dependency via composer require or when running composer update: deploying an application with a valid composer.lock and via composer install won’t trigger any security versions checking. This is a …

Laravel Tutorials / December 30, 2014

5 Resources to Learn about the Laravel IoC Container

The Laravel IoC container is a powerful tool for managing class dependencies. It is widely used in Laravel and an important tool for your arsenal. The community has created several tutorials for this and here are five resources that will teach you all about it. How and why to use the IoC container of Laravel …

75 Laravel Tutorials, Packages, and Resources from 2014
Laravel Tutorials / December 29, 2014

75 Laravel Tutorials, Packages, and Resources from 2014

This year is coming to a close and to celebrate I put together this post of all the greatest hits each month. This features cool packages, resources, and tutorials that came out over the year.

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Podcast / December 26, 2014

That Podcast Episode 13: The one to cap 2014

Over the holidays, Beau Simensen and Dave Marshall, released episode 13 of That Podcast . Lots of interesting PHP topics including a mention for this site and the Artisan Files series. Thanks guys! Go give it a listen and subscribe if you haven’t.

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Laravel / December 23, 2014

In Laravel 5 – dd gets an upgrade

Symfony recently announced a new VarDumper Component which makes var_dumps easier for developers: The VarDumper component provides mechanisms for walking through any arbitrary PHP variable. Built on top, it provides a better dump() function that you can use instead of var_dump. Laravel 5 has replaced the dd(), dump and die, function so it will include …

A look back at 2014
News / December 22, 2014

A look back at 2014

It’s hard for me to believe, but Laravel News as a website isn’t even a year old yet. As 2014 is coming to a close I wanted to create a post outlining some of the milestones for this site over the past year. This is meant for historical reasons and could be interesting to look …

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Laravel / December 19, 2014

Testing Composer Dependencies with prefer-lowest

Evert Pot has a new post explaining the new –prefer-lowest composer flag and explains why you should use it in your testing. To give your users the smoothest experience possible, it’s therefore best to try to nail down the oldest possible dependencies your package can still work with, and only increase that minimum version if …

The Five-Minute Geek Show
Podcast / December 19, 2014

The Five-Minute Geek Show

Matt Stauffer has started a new biweekly five minute geek show: Frontend development, backend development, audio, graphics, project management, mobile, web, whatever. If it’s geeky, it fits. Plus, plenty of hand waving and a lot of home-made music. The shows are great on many levels, but most of all they are entertaining and fun. The …

Podcast / December 19, 2014 Podcast Episode 20

In the latest Laravel podcast Taylor, Shawn, and Jeff discuss Laravel 5, how it’s impossible to keep up with the latest technologies, packages vs frameworks, and answer listener questions.

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Laravel / December 18, 2014

Git Security Vulnerability

From GitHub’s announcement: The vulnerability concerns Git and Git-compatible clients that access Git repositories in a case-insensitive or case-normalizing filesystem. An attacker can craft a malicious Git tree that will cause Git to ovewrite its own .git/config file when cloning or checking out a repository, leading to arbitrary command execution in the client machine. Git …


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