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Development Tools / December 18, 2014

16 Sublime Text Shortcuts to improve your workflow

Over on the Viget blog Tommy Marshall shares his overused Sublime Text shortcuts: After giving a presentation that included some live coding, a few audience members asked how I was doing stuff so quickly. Of course there’s no one answer; it’s a combination of a bunch of simple shortcuts and a lot of practice. In …

Laravel / December 16, 2014

Five Minutes with PHP Bard

I’m proud to offer you the first ever interview with the remarkable @phpbard. He has a new book coming out soon that is destined become a best seller. Without further delay here is the best interview you’ll read today. Tell us a little about yourself. I am a bard from a land far away, Where …

Laravel / December 15, 2014

The Art of Programming

Erika Heidi on the Art of Programming: I see programming as a form of art, but you know: not all artists are the same. As with painters, there are many programmers who only replicate things, never coming up with something original. Genuine artists are different. They come up with new things, they set new standards …

Laravel / December 12, 2014

10 things that will make you a better developer

Christoph Rumpel has a new post where he asked 10 developers from all around the world what they think makes someone a really good developer. All the responses are great advice and here are my three things which came from my Artisan Files interview: Passion Passion for the work you put out. This is really …

The Artisan Files / December 12, 2014

The Artisan Files: Sara Bine

In this weeks Artisan Files I’m happy to introduce you to Sara Bine. Can you tell us about yourself, how’d you get into development? I’m 25 years old and live in Denver, Colorado with my awesome boyfriend and my puppy, Sudo. Unlike many people in our industry, I regrettably wasn’t exposed to computers much as …

Laravel Tutorials / December 11, 2014

Unit Testing Jargon

Laracasts has started a new series on the ins and outs of Unit Testing Jargon. This series is designed to cover one topic at a time with the goal of answering what is a unit test, a stub, a mock, etc. This is a great series and I’m sure it will help bring clarification on …

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Laravel / December 09, 2014

Install Ghost on Laravel Forge

In this tutorial post learn how to install Ghost on Forge. This covers: Install Node.js (NPM) Download and install Ghost Configure Ghost Edit your NGINX Server Block Over all I’m impressed with how simple the installation seems. I’ve had a limited experience with Ghost and only then ran it locally. This doesn’t seem so scary.

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Laravel Forge with Namecheap SSL
Laravel Tutorials / December 09, 2014

Laravel Forge with Namecheap SSL

Laravel Forge makes setting up and activating an SSL super easy. In fact I was able to setup a new SSL certificate in less than 5 minutes. Here are the basic instructions for setting it up in an ideal world: Login to forge Visit the ssl tab for your domain Generate signing request Click “view …

Laravel Packages / December 08, 2014

Laravel PHP_CodeSniffer

Antonio Ribeiro has a new Laravel code sniffer package: This is a custom Sniff to detect violations and reformat PHP source code based on Laravel Coding Standard. This is cool stuff if your team needs an automated way of keeping coding standards.

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Sponsor / December 08, 2014

Self Hosted Invoice Management – FusionInvoice (Sponsor)

FusionInvoice is a self-hosted invoice management system designed with freelancers and small/micro businesses in mind. Some of the features include: It’s self hosted, so you install it on your own server. No monthly fees – buy once, use forever. Free updates and responsive support! Collect payments online using Stripe and PayPal. Set up recurring invoices …

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