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Laravel 5
Laravel / January 30, 2015

Laravel 5

Back in September Taylor Otwell said that Laravel 4.3 would be renamed to Laravel 5 to reflect a directory change and “other interesting initiatives”. Since that announcement the excitement for Laravel 5 has been building and “other interesting initiatives” turned into almost two dozen new features to help developers be more productive.

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Laravel Packages / January 29, 2015

Easy Image Processing in Laravel with Glide

Glide is a new package by Jonathan Reinink which is an on-demand image manipulation library. In this video he shows you how to set it up and the basic usage in Laravel 5.

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Laravel / January 29, 2015

Pacific Northwest PHP Conference Kickstarter

The Seattle PHP user group is looking to create a 2 day conference in September, but they need your help: The purpose of this Kickstarter is to generate interest for the event, raise some initial funds, presell tickets, and attract sponsors. At the conclusion of a successful Kickstarter, we will start selling tickets on Eventbrite, …

Laravel Packages / January 28, 2015

Country Migrations and Seeds for Laravel

Fábio Santos created a complete list of country migrations and seeders for Laravel. This is handy when you need them in the database but sometimes all you need is a config array of names.

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Development Tools / January 28, 2015

Laravel 5 Blade Highlighter For Sublime Text

The Laravel Blade Highlighter for Sublime Text by Eric Percifield has just received an upgrade to work with Laravel 5 blade changes. Related: Mastering Sublime Text. This is one of my favorite packages when using Sublime and with 57 thousand installs others seem to agree. If you are already using this you can upgrade via …

Laravel Tutorials / January 27, 2015

Loading package views and language files in Laravel 5

John in ‘t Hout: So after playing around with laravel 5 and creating a package for it and keep updating the application. Taylor finally pushed the keys I needed to load views and assets from my package into the Application like how you would want to do it. John covers how to register views, publishing …

Laravel Tutorials / January 27, 2015

Generating Missing Events in Laravel

Via Matt Stauffer: Sometimes it’s a lot of work to create an event, create its handler, and bind the two. Create a command, create its handler, bind the two. I’ve often wished for a workflow that handled the whole process together in one. The artisan commands for generating commands and events are a good start–they …

Laravel Packages / January 27, 2015

Debugging Laravel with Zend Z-Ray

Zend has recently released a new product named Z-Ray which is a debugging solution that works with Zend Server and integrates seamlessly into Laravel apps. If you have ever used other debug bars in the past then you will feel right at home as soon as you see it. It’s a DOM loaded bar positioned …

Laravel Tutorials / January 26, 2015

Extending Laravel 5’s Application

Matt Stauffer has a new write up showing how easy it is to extend the Laravel 5 Application object. This has come up recently because some folks are debating on whether or not Laravel 5 should make it easier to change the default folder paths–e.g. changing storage’s location, or changing public to be public_html. There …

News / January 26, 2015

LaraJobs Free Forge Giveaway

LaraJobs is a site partner here and every week I include the latest jobs in the newsletter and on the home page. There is no better resource for finding Laravel talent. They just announced a free giveaway for 5 one-year subscriptions to Laravel Forge. Forge is a great service and a free subscription is even …


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