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Laravel Tutorials / March 31, 2015

Tutorial: Ordering belongsToMany by Pivot

Jason Gilmore has a new tutorial showing a way of ordering belongsToMany relationships by the pivot table. When declaring a belongsToMany relation in Laravel, you can optionally include the withTimestamps method to indicate the pivot table’s created_at and updated_at columns should be updated whenever a new pivot table record is inserted or updated. But how …

Podcast / March 31, 2015

Laravel Podcast 24 – Dog At The Keyboard

Listen to the latest Laravel Podcast episode where the crew discusses PHP 7, Browserify, and their favorite Mac Apps. This new 20 minute format is great and my favorite part of this one is the intro. It’s funny, but it puts in perspective just how no one person can know everything. It’s easy to assume …

Laravel Is Number One. Again!
News / March 30, 2015

Laravel Is Number One. Again!

This year marks the second year in a row that Laravel won SitePoint’s framework survey. Laravel dominated the competition and it’s an amazing feat if you consider the frameworks first release was just a few years ago. In the announcement post, Bruno shares his thoughts on why Laravel is winning by talking about the marketing, documentation, …

Laravel / March 27, 2015

5 Things Coming To PHP 7

Zend has a new infographic with 5 items you must know about PHP 7. It’s going to be released this year, have space ships, return types, and be faster. 2015 is shaping up to be an amazing year for PHP. You’ll not only benefit from a whole slew of new features but also from performance …

Laravel Tutorials / March 26, 2015

Build a Time Tracker with Laravel and AngularJS

Ryan Chenkie has a new tutorial on for creating a time tracker with Laravel and Angular: We’ll be building a simple time tracking application that will give users the ability to track hours spent on tasks by clocking-in and clocking-out. We’ll use the Timepicker directive offered by UI Bootstrap to let users enter their …

Laravel Packages / March 25, 2015

Analogue – Laravel Data Mapper ORM

Analogue is an intuitive Data Mapper ORM for PHP & Laravel: The project started as a fork from Eloquent by Taylor Otwell, and evolved into a fully featured Data Mapper, that sits on top of the very robust Laravel Database component. That said, Analogue is able to peacefully coexists with its cousin in a same …

Remembering Mike Dugan
News / March 25, 2015

Remembering Mike Dugan

Sunday we lost Mike Dugan, a friend and fellow developer: Mike Dugan was a vibrant person, a passionate developer and an active member of the PHP community. He blogged frequently, shared ideas and thoughts, had a sharp wit and a joke for every situation. He was also an amazing friend. He passed away in his …

Laravel Packages / March 24, 2015

Simple and Intuitive Integration Testing with PHPUnit

Laracasts has created a new PhpUnit extension to help simplify integration testing: The reality is that, sometimes, you don’t require a big testing framework to help orchestrate conversations with the business, design your objects, and more. Sometimes, you just want to ensure that the dang thing works like you expect, with as little configuration as …

Laravel Packages / March 24, 2015

Potion – Laravel Assetic Package

Laravel potion is a pure PHP asset manager for Laravel 5, based of Assetic. Some of the features include: Fully integrated into Laravel’s artisan commands Asset versioning support Asset CDN Url support Bade Helpers for Asset inclusion in templates Command to clear all assets already published on disk Makes use of Cache configuration, and not …

Development Tools / March 23, 2015

Directory of Slack Themes

A lot of teams are now using Slack for communication and Sweet Themes is a directory for custom sidebar themes. I’ve found as you become a member of more and more teams that customizing the colors of each one makes it easier to separate them and this is a simple way of grabbing the colors. …


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