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Everything we know about Laravel 5.1 – Updated
Laravel / April 30, 2015

Everything we know about Laravel 5.1 – Updated

Update: Laravel 5.1 is now released and lots of new features are included in this release. Here is a list of eight of the big changes and new features.

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Laravel / April 30, 2015

Why DreamFactory chose Laravel

Over on the DreamFactory blog they have a new post sharing some of the reasons they chose Laravel for their 2.0 release. The three areas they focus on is popularity, community, and flexibility. The community aspect is the part I agree with so much: It has been said that open source software lives and dies …

Laravel Packages / April 29, 2015

Aimeos – Laravel Ecommerce Package

Aimeos is a Laravel package that contains everything you need to create your new web shop including product catalogs, baskets, checkout, payment, order management, and e-mails. The developer says one of its biggest advantages is the possibility to adapt everything to your needs, so it can be used not only for standard web shops but …

Laravel / April 29, 2015

Hello world, I am Laravel 5

Christoph Rumpel has a new post with an introduction to Laravel 5. This post came from a talk Christoph recently gave at the Vienna PHP User Group. So there is this thing called Laravel. You may have heard of it already, but you’re not sure what it is actually about? Or you do, but want …

Laravel Tutorials / April 28, 2015

Laravel 5.1 – Broadcasting Events to JavaScript

In this video, I’ll show you something that is brand new to Laravel 5.1, due in May 2015. Laravel already offers an excellent event system. But what if we had an elegant way to broadcast these very events to our JavaScript? Consider things like web sockets or Pusher integration. What if we could make this …

Laravel Tutorials / April 27, 2015

Transition Forge Deployments to Envoyer

Taylor has a new video out showing a new feature in Laravel Forge that allows you transition your projects to zero downtime Envoyer deployments as easily as possible.

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Laravel Packages / April 27, 2015

Laravel 5 Hashids

Laravel 5 Hashids is a wrapper to the Hashids project. Hashids is a small open-source library that generates short, unique, non-sequential ids from numbers. It converts numbers like 347 into strings like “yr8”, or array of numbers like [27, 986] into “3kTMd”. You can also decode those ids back. This is useful in bundling several …

Sponsor / April 27, 2015

Webdesigner News (Sponsor)

A new and exciting website has recently been launched for web designers and developers. You likely spend hours every morning browsing through hundreds of posts on your RSS feeds, hoping to stumble across relevant stories. Webdesigner News was built to provide web designers and developers with a single location to discover the latest and most significant stories …

Laravel Tutorials / April 24, 2015

Building a quote app with Lumen and MySql

Luciano Mammino has a new tutorial out on how to build a motivational quote app with Lumen. …the idea is to build a web app that showcases a new quote everyday. This way, everyday when you wake up you can run your application and be inspired and motivated by a wise and energising quote to …

Laravel Applications / April 24, 2015

kwiki – Lumen powered markdown wiki/blog

kwiki, created by Ryan Winchester, is a new flat file markdown based wiki or blog. The app runs on Lumen and it allows for custom markdown parsers.

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