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Podcast / May 29, 2015

When Microservices and SPAs Aren’t the Right Answer

In the latest episode of the Five Minute Geek show, Matt Stauffer talks about micro-services and when they aren’t the right answer. Give it a listen if you’ve had questions such as, “when should I use Lumen?”.

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Laravel Tutorials / May 28, 2015

6 Tricks for Laravel Collections

Jeff Madsen has a new post covering six tricks for working with Laravel collections. His tricks cover the follow methods: find() where() where() & lists() implode() groupBy() as a union Using find with an array is one I never remember: $collection = AppPerson::find([1, 2, 3]); Give the post a read and I’m sure you’ll pick …

Laravel Tutorials / May 27, 2015

Making Dependable – A New Tutorial Series

Chris Pitt started a new tutorial series on building an application named Dependable: I work at SilverStripe. Aside from the framework and CMS modules, we have many smaller modules to maintain. And recently it’s been difficult to demo bug fixes or new features, from multiple contributors/branches, in the same installation. One of the ideas we’ve …

Laravel in South Korea
News / May 26, 2015

Laravel in South Korea

Laravel has been ranked the most popular framework for the past two years and it’s starting to make its way all over the world. In South Korea, the XpressEngine CMS is moving to Laravel for its 3.0 release that is due out later this year. XpressEngine is an open source CMS that has a 33.1% …

Laravel Tutorials / May 22, 2015

Build a todo app with Vue.js

Laracasts has started a new series on Vue.js. This first 30-minute episode covers building a todo app from scratch and really shows the beauty and simplicity of the framework. Future episodes will dive deeper into Vue.js but this one gives you a quick overview to see it in action. I’m definitely excited about this framework.

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Laravel Tutorials / May 21, 2015

Shedding light on Lumen

Chris Pitt recently gave a talk at the Wellington Laravel meetup about Lumen: The recent release of Lumen may have left you with the questions; “how is this different from Laravel, and should I be using it instead?” Let’s see the answers to both of these questions! Here is his slide deck from this talk:

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Laravel and E-Commerce Book
Laravel Books / May 21, 2015

Laravel and E-Commerce Book

Yesterday I officially announced a new book that I’ve been co-authoring with W. Jason Gilmore. Easy E-Commerce using Laravel and Stripe is a fun, hands-on guide to building an online store. You’ll learn by doing, following along with the development of a store for a fictional lawn care and landscaping company. The book is divided …

Laravel Tutorials / May 20, 2015

Configuring Custom Logging in Laravel 5

In this tutorial, Fred Muya shows you how to setup custom file logging. He covers over-riding the ConfigureLogging class, adding a new namespace to Composer, and updating both Http/Kernel.php and Console/Kernel.php.

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Laravel Packages / May 19, 2015

Pushman – Open Source Web Socket Manager

Pushman is an open source web socket event manager. It allows you to push events over HTTP to your own Pushman server which will push event information down to a client via a Web Socket. Pushman requires the ZeroMQ binary and it works great with Forge. Check out the GitHub Repo and a demo on …

Laravel Tutorials / May 19, 2015

Adding a secondary SSL certificate to Forge

Matt Stauffer shows us how to install a secondary cert in Forge for the www subdomain. In Forge, if you set up as a site, will forward there. But if you buy a non-wildcard SSL cert for, it won’t work for, so if someone types, it’ll give a security error. …


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