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Sponsor / May 18, 2015

Josh – Laravel Admin Template + Front End (Sponsor)

Josh admin template + front end is a bootstrap based admin + frontend built for Laravel developers. It includes 100+ components like a form builder, charts, data tables, image upload/resizing, shopping cart UI, and advanced modals. Also login, registration, user management, and groups management coded for Laravel and ready to use. Some of the features …

Laravel Packages / May 15, 2015

70+ Socialite Providers

SocialiteProviders is a massive collection of 70+ OAuth 1 & 2 packages that extend Laravel Socialite. This is going to be awesome for Laravel!

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Laravel Tutorials / May 14, 2015

Creating Laravel 5 Packages

Earlier today I posted a tutorial on creating Laravel packages and Freek Van der Herten wrote up a tutorial on how he creates packages. His differs by utilizing composers –prefer-source flag to checkout the package as a git repo. It’s great to see all these methods being documented.

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Laravel Tutorials / May 14, 2015

Creating your first Laravel Package

Prosper Otemuyiwa has a new tutorial on creating your first Laravel 5 package. He covers setting up the directory, service providers, config files, controllers, and routes.

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Laravel Tutorials / May 13, 2015

Query Debugging

I wrote a tutorial on debugging Laravel queries over on I go through three different ways, from ->toSql, DB listen, and finally the more advanced with the debugbar.

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Laravel / May 12, 2015

Product and Support – Interview with Taylor Otwell

Product and Support is a new interview site with the focus on exploring how customer success creates successful products. In the latest interview, they interviewed Taylor Otwell. The interview covers everything from Laravel to Forge and Envoyer, and the way Taylor designs new features for the framework. It’s very insightful.

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Podcast / May 11, 2015

Laravel Podcast – Episode 27 – Jeffrey Way: Tau Ceti Murderer

This week the crew discusses new Laravel 5.1 goodies, unit testing, Lifeline for iOS, and which album they would take to a desert island.

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Sponsor / May 11, 2015 – Log Management with Powerful Searching (Sponsor) is an online event and log management system which enables you to release immense value from log data that you already collect. You can get complete application visibility in real-time, helping you to track down error messages, application requests, customer problems, and much more. Once implemented all exceptions and errors are automatically stored and …

Laravel / May 08, 2015

Laravel and Angular Material Starter Project

This is a starter project for setting up a new Angular and Laravel project. It comes ready with the following technologies: Laravel5 Laravel5 Debug Bar Laravel5 Repositories Angular Angular Material Angular UI Router EditorConfig JavaScript Code Style (jscs) Jshint Less Elixir (for all the above) Check it out if you are looking to start a …

Laravel Packages / May 07, 2015

Mailchimp Laravel Package

Laravel Newsletter is a new package that integrates with the Mailchimp API to allow subscribing, unsubscribing, and creating new campaigns. Here are two examples to demonstrate how easy it is to subscribe and unsubscribe users: Newsletter::subscribe(‘’) Newsletter::unsubscribe(‘’) One advantage to utilizing the API with Mailchimp is you can bypass the required double opt-in. Freek also …

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