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Laravel Tutorials / July 31, 2015

Learn to throttle logins with Laravel

Matt Stauffer has a new tutorial out on the new Login Throttling feature in 5.1. This post is a continuation of his new features in Laravel 5.1 series. He starts talking about why login throttling is needed: If you’ve ever run a SaaS (or put any web site with comments or signups on the Internet …

Laravel Tutorials / July 30, 2015

Getting ready for PHP 7

Erika Heidi recently gave a talk about getting ready for PHP 7 and has posted up her slide deck for everyone. Of course, the slides are never as good as seeing the talk live, but you can still learn about what is getting removed, changed, and the new features. The illustration image was created by …

Learn PHP with PHP Pandas
Laravel Books / July 29, 2015

Learn PHP with PHP Pandas

It can be a daunting task to try and learn a new programming language and the new book “PHP Pandas” by Dayle Rees aims to teach you the basics of PHP in a fun and informative way. This book is the third by Dayle with the previous two being Laravel specific, but they all carry …

News / July 29, 2015

Laravel Elixir Version 3 is released

Laravel Elixir version 3 is now released and available for everyone. This release features some exciting new features included true sequential tasks, more explicit logging, and easier configuration. Sequential tasks With version 2 this code: mix.sass(‘one.scss’).coffee(‘’).sass(‘two.scss’); Would trigger both sass calls before moving on to the coffee task. Now with version three these would processed …

Laravel Packages / July 28, 2015

Teamwork – User to Team Associations for Laravel

Teamwork is a package that allows you to easily setup user to Team associations for the Laravel 5. Teamwork is the fastest and easiest method to add a User / Team association with Invites to your Laravel 5 project. Besides the associations it only includes an invite system.

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Laravel Tutorials / July 28, 2015

Upload large files to S3 using Laravel

Freek Van der Herten wrote a follow-up tutorial to the one I posted yesterday about Uploading Files to S3 Freek demonstrates improving the upload process by using streams instead of file_get_contents which uses more memory. So if you want to upload large files consider the stream approach. References: Uploading Files to S3 Uploading Large Files …

Laravel Tutorials / July 28, 2015

Backup all your Homestead Databases

Some people, myself included, run multiple sites from one Homestead instance. As the number of sites grow so do the databases and if your Homestead Vagrant box ever gets destroyed you will lose all your databases. This issue is most annoying when you have databases that are for apps without migration and seeds. Jacob Graf …

Laravel Tutorials / July 27, 2015

6 Rules for building fast web server applications

Luciano Mammino has a new post out discussing six rules for building fast applications. The rules include: Rule 1. Avoid premature optimization Rule 2. Do the minimum amount of work to solve the problem Rule 3. Defer the work you don’t need to do immediately Rule 4. Use cache when you can Rule 5. Understand …

Laravel Tutorials / July 27, 2015

Uploading Files to S3

Chris Blackwell has a new tutorial on how to upload files to S3 using Laravel and Flysystem: Uploading to Amazon S3 can be a great way to keep your files loading quickly with their CDN, and allow you to work more on your code, rather than your filesystem. Laravel 5’s new FileSystem makes this easy, …

Podcast / July 24, 2015

Laravel Podcast – Public Speaking Preppers

The latest Laravel Podcast is out and this one discusses preparing for conference talks, vacationing, and dreamy destinations!

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