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News / July 23, 2015

Homestead no longer drops databases on provision

Laravel Homestead, the official pre-packaged Vagrant box, just received a new update to the way it reprovisions the box. Previously, to add a new site you could either use the serve shortcut from within the VM or add your new site to the yaml configuration file and then reprovision. The problem with provisioning the box …

Laravel Applications / July 23, 2015 Easily install intermediate SSL certificates is a new Laravel app developed by that is designed to make creating SSL certificates easier by automatically setting up all the intermediate certificates. The intermediate certificates are important because some browsers and mobile apps will report the connection is not secure if they are not setup properly. I personally ran into this …

Laravel Packages / July 22, 2015

Laravel Mandrill Webhook Controller

Laravel Mandrillhooks is a package that includes a simple Mandrill webhook base controller for catching bounced, rejected, etc mail events: A simple Mandrill webhook controller to help with email events. Useful for notifying users that you cannot reach them via email inside your application. Compatible with Laravel 5+ and Lumen 5+. After installing, you can …

Laravel Tutorials / July 22, 2015

Counting DOM elements with integration tests

When building out applications there are times when you may want to count the DOM elements on the page through your testing suite. Gunther Groenewege uses this regularly and shares a tip for adding a new method to TestCase.php that makes this simple. After implementing, you can then write a test like this to verify …

Laravel Tutorials / July 22, 2015

OAuth with Angular, Lumen, Socialite, and Satellizer

Barry vd. Heuvel has a tutorial out on how to setup OAuth in Javascript Apps with Angular and Lumen, using Satellizer and Laravel Socialite. In the post, Barry shows you how to: Should work on every device, so on a regular domain, but also on a hybrid Android/iOS app (using Cordova) Use both OAuth 1 …

Speed up your app with Response Caching
Laravel Packages / July 21, 2015

Speed up your app with Response Caching

Freek Van der Herten has a new Laravel package named “laravel-responsecache” that enables you to speed up your site, by caching the entire response. Here are the benefits you gain by installing this package: All successful responses (that is a response with a status code in the 200 or 300 range) to a GET-requests will …

Laravel Tutorials / July 21, 2015

Daily Laravel Tips

Povilas Korop has started a new site sharing daily Laravel Tips that he discovers while using the framework. The site started last month and so far he has been doing a great job in keeping with the daily schedule. Which is hard to do. I was able to ask Povilas a few questions about the …

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Sponsor / July 20, 2015

Sponsor: LaraJobs + Laracon = Awesome

Have a job to fill? Get in front of the very best Laravel/PHP developers in the world with LaraJobs at Laracon. We’ve worked out an amazing opportunity with Taylor and the Laracon team to feature a set number of jobs at Laracon US! Every job posted between July 20th and July 31st will be highlighted …

Laravel Tutorials / July 20, 2015

Writing your first unit test in Laravel

Christoph Rumpel has a new beginner tutorial on how to write your first Laravel test. Testing is a huge buzzword in the developer’s world. There are dozens of types and tools out there and it is obviously overwhelming at first. Where do you start and the biggest question: What is testable? We don’t care about …

Laravel Tutorials / July 17, 2015

Create a login system with Github and Socialite

In this tutorial, Matt Stauffer shows you how to implement Laravel Socialite and Github as a login system: Laravel’s Socialite package makes it simple to authenticate your users to Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, GitHub and Bitbucket. You can authenticate them for the purpose of connecting their pre-existing user account to a third-party service, but you …

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