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Laravel Tutorials / August 31, 2015

How to build an app with Vue.js

Ryan Chenkie has a new tutorial on on how to build an app with Vue.js. Vue is a library that focuses heavily on the ViewModel—the two-way data bindings that tie what we see and interact with on the screen with the application’s data model. In this way (and as stated on the Vue.js website), …

News / August 31, 2015

Laravel 5.1.11 Released — Now with Authorization

Laravel 5.1.11 has been released and it features a brand new Authorization or ACL system to make restricting access easier than ever before. The Authorization includes a new Gate facade, new restrictions on the User model, and even Blade helpers. You can find more information on this release on the official documentation. Another new feature …

Laravel Tutorials / August 27, 2015

Videos to learn about PHP 7

Laracasts has started a new free series on PHP 7 and all the new goodies it will bring: Slated for release in October, 2015, PHP 7 brings a wealth of new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. If you’re curious, come with me, as I demonstrate what’s new!

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Laracon / August 27, 2015

Konstantin Kudryashov: Min-Maxing Software Costs

Slides from Konstantin Kudryashov’s talk at Laracon EU on Min-Maxing Software Costs.

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Laracon / August 27, 2015

Laracon EU 2015 Recap

The European version of the Laravel conference just ended and even though I didn’t attend I followed along with a watchful eye to see what all I could share here on Laravel News. So far several slide decks have been published, and the response to the conference is overwhelming positive. Seems like the event went …

Laracon / August 26, 2015

Hannes Van De Vreken: Package Development Slides

Slides from Hannes Van De Vreken’s talk at Laracon EU on Package Development.

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Laravel Tutorials / August 26, 2015

Comparing Blade vs Twig

Barry vd. Heuvel has an in-depth tutorial on the difference between Laravel Blade and Twig. Both Blade and Twig provide the most important features; template inheritance, sections, escaping output and clean syntax. Blade provides a fast and simple syntax, but doesn’t add (much) extra functionality. Twig takes it a step further and adds an extra …

Laracon / August 25, 2015

Frank de Jonge: Frontin like-a-backer

Slides from Frank de Jonge’s talk, “Frontin like-a-backer“, at Laracon EU.

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Development Tools / August 25, 2015

What’s New in Bootstrap 4

Nicholas Cerminara writing for has a new post covering everything new in Bootstrap 4. Lots of new features including optional flex-box, new media queries, and much more.

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Laracon / August 25, 2015

Matt Stauffer: Empathy Gives You Superpowers

Slide deck from Matt Stauffer’s talk at Laracon EU. Empathy Gives You Superpowers.

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