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Podcast / September 21, 2015

Laravel Podcast 35

Laravel Podcast 35 is now out: In this episode, the crew discusses Laracon 2016, new framework features, preferred messaging applications, and Jack McDade possibly cheating on Taylor with Jeffrey.

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Laravel Tutorials / September 21, 2015

How to set Context in a Laravel Application

Philip Brown has a new Laravel tutorial on setting context: In today’s tutorial I will show you how to check the business rules of the application when a request comes in, and then authoritatively set the context so the rest of your application code can rely upon it.

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Sponsor / September 19, 2015

Chandra – Laravel starter kit for developers (sponsor)

Chandra – Laravel starter kit is built for Laravel developers to kickstart their project. Chandra is a combination of an Admin and Frontend with multiple color schemes to cater your requirements. Authentication and authorization are readily available and related pages like register, login are designed for you. It provides blog module for both the admin …

Laravel / September 18, 2015

Laravel Spark Deep Dive

Matt Stauffer has created a new 3,500 word tutorial on the Alpha of Laravel Spark. Matt’s post covers all the geeky bits, with plenty of code samples, and images.

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News / September 17, 2015

Behind the app: Chrome Weather Extension

Tim Leland has created a new Chrome Extension for getting not only the current weather, but today’s outlook, and a 5-day forecast. The extension automatically calculates your location and viewing the current temperature is as simple glancing at the menu bar. The temperature is always visible and when you click the button it loads the …

Laravel Spark
News / September 16, 2015

Laravel Spark

Please Note: This article was written when the Alpha version of Spark first released. It is no longer accurate as Spark is now a commercial project. Have a look at this Laravel Spark article for the new version. The Alpha of Laravel Spark has just been released and its goal is to be an opinionated …

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News / September 15, 2015

Laravel Spark Alpha

The Alpha of Laravel Spark has just been released and it’s goal is to be an opinionated way of building out business oriented SaaS applications. It features team management, user roles, recurring billing through Stripe, and much more. Check out the repo and a more in-depth look at Laravel spark. It’s also worth noting the …

News / September 14, 2015

ActiveRecord and the Beauty Lost in Translation

Matthew Machuga writing about the ActiveRecord pattern and his thoughts on it: Sometime in 2014, PHP-land started to debate whether Active Record was a tolerable ORM pattern, and whether one should use Active Record or Data Mapper ORMs. In PHP, this comes down to something like Laravel’s Eloquent ORM as an Active Record implementation vs. …

Laravel Packages / September 11, 2015

Laravel Doctrine

Laravel Doctrine is a project aimed to be a drop-in Doctrine2 implementation for Laravel 5+. Laravel Doctrine offers the following features: Easy configuration Pagination Preconfigured metadata, connections and caching Extendable: extend or add your own drivers for metadata, connections or cache Change metadata, connection or cache settings easy with a resolved hook Annotations, yaml, xml, …

Laravel Tutorials / September 10, 2015

3 Resources to learn about the new ACL features in Laravel

With the release of Laravel 5.1.11 it featured a new authorization or ACL system to make restricting access easier than ever before. Since the announcement several people throughout the community has created videos and tutorials around this feature to help you get up to speed. Laracasts has added three new videos in their What’s New …


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