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News / February 29, 2016

Performance: SMTP driver vs. API drivers

Jens Segers recently create a pull request to Laravel to make creating custom mail drivers easier. During the process he decided to do simple performance test and see how much a difference it is between using just SMTP vs an API: At first sight, it looks like the SMTP driver is faster than the API …

Laravel Tutorials / February 26, 2016

MySQL customizations in Laravel 5.2

Matt Stauffer has a new tutorial out showing how you can set up MySQL in Laravel 5.2 for “strict” mode. With this new feature, Laravel now has the ability to do three things: Disable “strict” mode, returning to the <= 5.6 behavior; enable “strict” mode, setting it to the 5.7 behavior; or customizing exactly which …

News / February 26, 2016

Full Stack Radio with Jason McCreary from Laravel Shift

The latest episode of Full Stack Radio features Jason McCreary, who created the Laravel Shift project. The episode is 32 minutes long and gives the back story on the project and more about Jason.

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Laravel Packages / February 26, 2016

Laravel Package for failed Queue Notifications

The company Spatie released a new open source package to handle queue job failure notifications. When one fails it will send you an email with the details and as a bonus, it has Slack integration. It does this by hooking into the JobFailed event in Laravel 5.2 In the announcement post, Freek Van der Herten …

Mandrill Forcefully Requiring Mailchimp Accounts
News / February 25, 2016

Mandrill Forcefully Requiring Mailchimp Accounts

Yesterday Mandrill started emailing customers letting them know of an important policy change. Now all accounts will require a Mailchimp account, and you have less than 60 days to either move away or transition. The social media response shows that a lot of developers are angry about this and upset with the short timeframe of …

Laravel Podcast #42 – Shots Fired
News / February 24, 2016

Laravel Podcast #42 – Shots Fired

The latest episode of the Laravel Podcast is out. In this episode, the crew is joined by Adam Wathan to discuss ActiveRecord and the Eloquent ORM. Lots of talk around ActiveRecord vs DataMapper and discussing the positives and negatives to each.

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A PHP Terminal GameBoy Emulator
News / February 23, 2016

A PHP Terminal GameBoy Emulator

PHP GameBoy: Some people will ask me: “Why you did that?” Well, a friend asked me “What PHP can do?”. I thought about that awhile and the idea came up. With PHP7’s performance improvement now it’s possible to emulate some systems and, come on, that’s funny! Proof you can do some crazy stuff with PHP.

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Laravel News Podcast #10
Podcast / February 23, 2016

Laravel News Podcast #10

Episode 10 of the Laravel News podcast is now out and we discuss CloudflareSSL and Forge, Code fonts, and more. You can listen below, subscribe in iTunes, or grab the RSS from the podcast hosting site. Show Links Operator Font Matt’s got a new book coming soon Tutorial Laravel Forge and CloudflairSSL Nigerian Laptop scam. Github Scientist …

Sponsor / February 22, 2016

​Just the Essentials for a Data Nerd (sponsor)

End-to-end transaction tracing Follow the performance of a critical transaction across your entire service-oriented application environment. Code-level visibility Drill down to see the performance impact of specific code segments and SQL statements. Key transactions Flag your most critical transactions to quickly spot when things like response times, call counts, or error rates perform poorly. X-ray …

Laravel Homestead adds MariaDB Support
News / February 20, 2016

Laravel Homestead adds MariaDB Support

On Tuesday, Laravel Homestead announced support for MariaDB with the v3.0.2 release. MariaDB is an open source alternative to MySQL and created by the original MySQL developers. It is designed to be a drop-in replacement and includes many features over MySQL. This means your code base doesn’t need to change, and tools like Sequel Pro …


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