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Statamic v2 is released and it’s now powered by Laravel
Laravel Applications / March 31, 2016

Statamic v2 is released and it’s now powered by Laravel

Statamic the flat file CMS powered by markdown has been rebuilt from the ground up on Laravel 5.1 along with a brand new control panel. “Statamic 2 took a year of hard work, sweat, and whiskey tears, 4,000 commits, 200 beta testers, and 43 alpha/beta releases.” Jack McDade said in the announcement. You have to …

News / March 31, 2016

JavaScript Air featuring Taylor Otwell and Evan You

The latest JavaScript Air episode #16 is now out featuring Taylor Otwell and Evan You Vue.js is a JavaScript Framework for building reactive components for modern web interfaces. It allows you to write your JS, HTML, and CSS in a single file, has powerful data bindings, focuses on composability, is small, and is insanely fast. …

Sending Emails With Laravel
Laravel Tutorials / March 31, 2016

Sending Emails With Laravel

Chris Nwamba writing for has a new tutorial on sending emails with Laravel: Sending emails in web applications has become so essential. Marketing, notifications, newsletters, adverts, etc are some of the reasons why we send emails to our clients. I’d say the majority of websites send automated emails at least via a “Contact us” …

News / March 30, 2016

Has your company upgraded to PHP7 yet?

Yesterday I ran a Twitter poll to see how many have moved to PHP7. With 650 votes here are the results: Twitter poll: Is your company on PHP 7 yet? — Laravel News (@laravelnews) March 29, 2016 PHP 7 was released back in December so these unscientific results are pretty promising. It’ll be interesting to …

Sponsor / March 30, 2016

Add Social Login To Laravel Applications

Stormpath is a complete identity API with powerful authentication, authorization, and user management for any application. We’ve been improving on our Laravel Integration, and just added Facebook, LinkedIn and Google login capability. This will let your users log into your application with both their account stored in Stormpath, and their Facebook, LinkedIn or Google ID. Read …

Laravel Packages / March 29, 2016

Automatically Create Model Factories

Laravel Test Factory Generator is a new package by Marcel Pociot that generates model factories from your existing models and database structure. Once installed it gives you a new Artisan command to generate the model factories: php artisan test-factory-helper:generate This command will then look through all your models, create test factories, and save them in …

Laravel ElePHPant now available from PhpArch
News / March 28, 2016

Laravel ElePHPant now available from PhpArch

php[architect] is now selling the Laravel ElePHPant plush dolls. It features the Laravel logo on one side and the PHP logo on the other. Pricing is $30 for one and bulk discounts start at orders of three or more. A portion of the proceeds go to support Taylor Otwell, the creator of the Laravel framework. …

News / March 26, 2016

Drop ‘public’ not ‘var’

A PHP RFC vote has started to deprecate the var keyword in PHP 7.1 and remove it in PHP 8. Evert Pot argues that you should be using var not public: I’d like to offer a different opinion: I think people should be using var instead of public. I realize that this is as controversial …

Laravel Packages / March 25, 2016

Laravel Exception Recorder and Notifier Package

LERN (Laravel Exception Recorder and Notifier) is a package that will record exceptions into a database and will send you a notification. It currently supports notifications via Email, Pushover, Slack, Hipchat, Fleephook, and Flowdock. Once installed implementation is added to app/Exceptions/Handler.php file: public function report(Exception $e) { if ($this->shouldReport($e)) { LERN::handle($e); //Record and Notify the …

Live AMA with Taylor Otwell
News / March 25, 2016

Live AMA with Taylor Otwell

Taylor Otwell is doing a live AMA (ask me anything) starting in about 10 minutes. If you’d like to take part you can ask your questions here. Some of the popular questions already asked include: When will spark be released? How do you maintain and manage so many popular and widely used projects? What’s a …


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