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Tweet Streaming with Laravel
Laravel Tutorials / April 29, 2016

Tweet Streaming with Laravel

Daniel Abernathy has a new tutorial on on processing Tweets with Twitters streaming API: This tutorial will show how to use the Twitter Streaming APIs to process tweets in real-time from a Laravel application. There are a variety of use cases for this: perhaps you want to auto-respond to mentions of your company, run …

News / April 27, 2016

Vue.js V2 first public preview is announced

Evan You just announced the first public preview of Vue 2: Vue has always focused on staying light and fast, but 2.0 pushes it even further. The rendering layer is now based on a lightweight virtual-DOM implementation that improves initial rendering speed and memory consumption by up to 2~4x in most scenarios (check out these …

Laravel Books / April 27, 2016

Learn Laravel with Code Smart by Dayle Rees

Dayle Rees today launched his newest Laravel book, Code Smart. Laravel: Code Smart is the third installment in my ‘Code’ series of books for the Laravel framework. The ‘Code’ books have thousands of readers and are considered by many to be the most effective method of learning the Laravel framework. As always, my books serve …

News / April 21, 2016

Laravel Changelog

The Laravel repo now includes an official changelog. It covers v5.2.25 up through the latest (v5.2.30 at the time of this post). This will be a quick way of staying up to date. Also, check out Mike Bronner’s Laraver which aims to give more context around changes. Whichever way you prefer, it’s nice to be …

News / April 20, 2016

Laravel 2016 Shirts available

The 2016 Laravel T-Shirts are now for sale and available on Teespring. Pricing starts at $19.99 and the sale ends April 27th. To get a little nostalgic here is the history of T-Shirts including this years:

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News / April 19, 2016

Reverse Engineering A Spam Script

Jelle Raaijmakers has a new tutorial on Dissecting a spammer’s spam script: One of the WordPress sites on a shared hosting web server I manage was infected by a spam script. Fortunately, the script was unable to do any real damage and was detected within half an hour of infection. I thought it would be …

LN 14: Laravel Spark
Podcast / April 19, 2016

LN 14: Laravel Spark

This week Taylor Otwell joins us to talk all about Spark! You can listen below, subscribe in iTunes, Google Play, or grab the RSS from the podcast hosting site. Show links: Laravel Spark Launched (official site) Composer “Gold” Floppy sells for >$1400USD! Laravel Cheat Sheets

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Sponsor / April 18, 2016

Full-featured e-commerce package for Laravel 5

The Aimeos e-commerce package contains a full set of shop components to build online shops, B2B or B2C e-commerce websites or marketplaces. Within five minutes, you can add your own store to your existing Laravel application. It’s main advantages are: extremely flexible and configurable very fast with response times down to 40ms scales well from one product to several million multi-store capable within …

Spark Beta is now available
News / April 15, 2016

Spark Beta is now available

The Spark beta is now available for everyone. You can register and download from the Spark site. The official release date is still scheduled for Tuesday and by having this early beta release it will give you a chance to play around with over the weekend. To install Spark you need to register on the …

Laravel Spark Site is Live
News / April 14, 2016

Laravel Spark Site is Live

The official site of Laravel Spark is now live and includes documentation for the upcoming release. Spark is a complete scaffolding for building a SaaS app including authentication, password reset, billing plans, payment method updates, invoices, coupons, user impersonation, and more with support for Stripe and Braintree. The official release date is April 19th, next …


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