Laravel Spark Intro Screencasts
Laravel Tutorials / April 13, 2016

Laravel Spark Intro Screencasts

Taylor just released a 12-minute intro and a five-minute configuration screencast for the new version of Spark that will be released next Tuesday. The video covers installation and setup, then goes through the basic settings of the app demonstrating purchasing a plan, swapping plans, and adding API keys. Here are a few screenshots from the …

News / April 13, 2016

I Love Active Record T-Shirt

Laracasts has a new T-Shirt style available for purchase. Enough with the naysayers. They can take their SRP and shove it. You’re done feeling guilty over your love for Active Record. Am I right? If so, why not join me and exhibit your sweet AR love to the world. Life is better on our side. …

O RLY parody book generator
News / April 12, 2016

O RLY parody book generator

ThePracticalDev launched a new Slack bot that generates parody books. Insult your co-workers with snarky O RLY parody book covers. All without leaving Slack! I love fun little things like this. Also, great for sharing creations on social media.

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Laravel Tutorials / April 12, 2016

Setting up your own dot files

Dries Vints has a new tutorial on how he manages and sets up his dot files

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Sponsor / April 11, 2016

Master the Perfect Split. Build Native Mobile Apps with JavaScript

Ever feel torn when developing natively for iOS and Android? No matter which you choose to build natively, the other will have a lesser experience. That is, until now. The new Telerik® Platform release offers native development for both iOS, Android and more, without the training, hassle or expense of typical native development. Intrigued? Join …

Laravel Packages / April 11, 2016

Laravel Console Command Validation

Command Validator is a package that lets you validate Laravel Console Commands. Here is an example of its usage: use Illuminate\Console\Command; use Cerbero\CommandValidator\ValidatesInput; class Example extends Command { use ValidatesInput; public function rules() { return [ ‘year’ => ‘digits:4|min:2000’ ]; } } The rules available come from the default Laravel validation rules but you can …

News / April 08, 2016

Five resources for your Friday

Happy Friday! I know you are ready for the week to be over so here are five resources to check out while you are waiting for the weekend. AMA with Jeffrey Way → Jeffrey Way the founder of Laracasts did an AMA and it features many great questions and answers. You can browse through it …

Laravel Cheat Sheet
Laravel Applications / April 07, 2016

Laravel Cheat Sheet

Have you ever wanted a quick reference sheet for Laravel? The Laravel Cheat Sheet is a new project from the EST Group that shows you many of the Laravel features from a filterable web app. For those that have used Laravel for a few years, you may notice the similarities to Jesse O’Briens. Jesse hasn’t had …

Server Monitoring Command for Laravel
Laravel Packages / April 06, 2016

Server Monitoring Command for Laravel

Server Monitoring is a package that will periodically monitor the health of your server and website. It provides healthy/alarm status notifications for Disk Usage, an HTTP Ping function to monitor the health of external services, and a validation/expiration monitor for SSL Certificates. This package works by setting up a config file and then having a …

Laravel News Podcast #13
Podcast / April 05, 2016

Laravel News Podcast #13

In this episode, we talk about Laravel Exception Reporter, Chrome Bandwidth limiter, Chrome extension to generate Laravel tests, Jigsaw, Helpspot Vault, Fixing MySql Memory, Sparkwatch, and Taxes. You can listen below, subscribe in iTunes, or grab the RSS from the podcast hosting site. Show links Chrome extension to generate tests Exception Recorder Jigsaw Vault Adding a swap file …


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