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Adding your own Vue components to Spark
Laravel Tutorials / May 31, 2016

Adding your own Vue components to Spark

Christoph Rumpel has a new tutorial on integrating your own Vue components in Spark. The tutorial steps through what a Vue component is, registering it as global, and adding child components.

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Blogify – Add a blog to an existing Laravel App
Laravel Packages / May 31, 2016

Blogify – Add a blog to an existing Laravel App

Blogify is a Laravel package that enables you to quickly and easily add a blog to your Laravel app. Joren Van Hocht created this last year for his final school project and recently gave it an update to work with Laravel 5.2 and to fix issues with the installer. Check out the Blogify site for …

Sponsor / May 30, 2016

Error Logging for Laravel Apps​ with Rollbar

Rollbar helps companies like Twilio, Zendesk, Nike, Heroku and thousands more capture the context and insights they need to find and fix errors faster. Detect, diagnose and debug errors with ease, minimizing the impact to users and the bottom line. Instead of searching log files and tickets, engineers can speed up their time to the next …

Laravel API Generator
Laravel Packages / May 23, 2016

Laravel API Generator

Marcel Pociot released a new package that will automatically generate API documentation from your existing routes. What is neat is it automatically scans your Controller method docblocks to generate the table of contents and also hooks in with form request validation to show a list of requirements. This generator uses Documentarian which is a port …

Forge Let’s Encrypt Improvements
News / May 20, 2016

Forge Let’s Encrypt Improvements

Today I’ve launched improvements to Forge’s Let’s Encrypt SSL support. From now on, Let’s Encrypt certificates generated via Forge do not require you to manually add a scheduled job to renew them. Instead, Forge will automatically install a renewal script on your server that renews the certificates every week, allowing you to have an SSL …

Acceptance Testing a Laravel and Vue.js Application
Laravel Tutorials / May 19, 2016

Acceptance Testing a Laravel and Vue.js Application

Mohamed Said has a new walk-through on Acceptance Testing a Laravel and Vue.js application. Stepping through different tools and then finally deciding on Selenium: If you’re testing non-javascript driven interfaces then you may use Laravel’s built-in PHP Browser based testing library, it’s very powerful and the API is very readable as well. However if you …

New Book: Refactoring to Collections
News / May 18, 2016

New Book: Refactoring to Collections

Adam Wathan launched a new book today, Refactoring to Collections, that teaches you how to apply functional programming principles to write clean, maintainable PHP. Learn how to use collection pipelines to break down ugly, complex functions into a series of simple transformations, free of loops, complex conditionals, and temporary variables. I’ve seen some of the …

Laravel Echo, Laravel Valet, and PHP-FIG implosion
Podcast / May 17, 2016

Laravel Echo, Laravel Valet, and PHP-FIG implosion

In this twenty-two minute episode, we talk about Laravel Echo and new changes to Laravel Valet. You can listen from the podcast site, subscribe in iTunes or Google Play. Show Links Laravel Echo Laravel Valet PHP-FIG is imploding

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Laravel Packages / May 17, 2016

Query Tracer Package

Laravel Query Tracer is a new package by Trevor Fitzgerald that allows you to find exactly where a query is being called in your app. It works by tapping into Laravel’s global query scopes to do a backtrace and find where a query originated. The package ships with support for the Laravel Debugbar, Clockwork, or …

Sponsor / May 16, 2016

Lumen And Stormpath As Your Mobile Backend

Stormpath has now added Lumen to our PHP integrations! This integration requires minimal setup and about five minutes to get a PHP backend up and running for your mobile applications – exciting! With our Lumen integration, you can quickly set up user registration and user authentication using OAuth tokens. This tutorial will teach you how …


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