LN 20: With special guest Adam Wathan
Podcast / June 28, 2016

LN 20: With special guest Adam Wathan

In this week’s Laravel News podcast we have Adam Wathan on to talk about his book Refactoring to Collections and a new package MailThief. You can listen from the podcast site, subscribe in iTunes or Google Play. Show Links: Refactoring with Collections Mailthief Full Stack Radio Super Secret Discount Code save 25% off Refactoring with Collections with the code: …

Easily Test Email with MailThief
Laravel Packages / June 23, 2016

Easily Test Email with MailThief

MailThief is a new package by Tighten Co. that provides a fake mailer for your Laravel application. This makes it easy to test email without actually sending any. To better explain how this package works take a look at the following example from the project. First, pretend you have a registration route that sends the …

Laravel Analytics v2
Laravel Packages / June 22, 2016

Laravel Analytics v2

Freek Van der Herten and Spatie.be recently released a new version of their popular Google Analytics package. Since the first release of this package Google has changed the preferred way of authenticating for API usage and this new version accounts for that as well as cleaned up a lot of the code and made it …

Laravel 5.3 will be released at Laracon US
News / June 21, 2016

Laravel 5.3 will be released at Laracon US

It was announced today that Laravel 5.3 will be officially released at this years Laracon US conference. This means it’ll be out either July 28th or the 29th. Based on the current schedule, listed on the Laracon website, it’s looking like Taylor is currently only scheduled to talk on July 28th at 5:15 PM local …

CloudFlare Down In Europe
News / June 20, 2016

CloudFlare Down In Europe

This morning CloudFlare has been having issues in Europe and many popular websites and services are down in that region. The Laravel site and services are using CloudFlare and you may notice an outage if you are in that area. If you need to access to the Laravel documentation you can find the original markdown …

Laravel and Elasticsearch
Laravel Packages / June 16, 2016

Laravel and Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch allows you to search & analyze data in real time. Even though it’s extremely powerful working with delta’s and querying data is not that simple. If you are using Laravel here is a list of packages and tutorials to help you easily integrate this into your app. Laravel Elasticsearch Packages Below are three packages …

PyroCMS v3 is announced
Laravel Applications / June 15, 2016

PyroCMS v3 is announced

PyroCMS the content management system that was originally built on CodeIgniter just announced v3 that has been completely rebuilt on Laravel. In their release announcement they say they are now back: Not that we ever went anywhere, but let’s face it.. anyone who hasn’t been following along wouldn’t recognize a single thing about Pyro but …

Podcast: What’s coming to Laravel 5.3
Podcast / June 14, 2016

Podcast: What’s coming to Laravel 5.3

In this episode we cover some of the new features coming to Laravel 5.3: You can listen from the podcast site, subscribe in iTunes or Google Play. Show Links A look at what’s coming to Laravel 5.3 Building a Status Board using Laravel and Vue Oh my zsh Auto embed email package Using Webmin admin console (youtube video by Roy …

Sponsor / June 13, 2016

Shippo, the multi-carrier shipping API for Laravel Apps

With Shippo you can connect your Laravel app to USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and many more shipping carriers across the world in one integration. Using our PHP client library, you can print your first shipping label within minutes. Simply pass in your package and address information to retrieve shipping rates and purchase labels. Using Shippo’s …

Laravel Turns Five
News / June 11, 2016

Laravel Turns Five

Five years ago today Taylor announced the first release of Laravel to the world. I’ve been working on this framework for about 7 months. I’ve worked really hard to make it powerful, yet accessible. I set out to launch with documentation as good as CodeIgniter from day one, and I think we did. The syntax …


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