Convert Your SQL to Laravel Builder with Orator
Laravel / December 04, 2017

Convert Your SQL to Laravel Builder with Orator

You can convert raw and legacy SQL queries into a Laravel database query builder version with an online tool by Maurice Calhoun. This generator could also be an excellent tool for someone learning Laravel, as it can help them translate SQL queries into query builder objects, as learning a new ORM can sometimes be a challenge for new developers.

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Laravel Homestead Version 6 Released
Laravel / July 31, 2017

Laravel Homestead Version 6 Released

The Laravel Homestead project just tagged the release of version 6.0.0 along with Settler 3.0. Homestead 6 now supports multiple versions of PHP on the same virtual machine. Learn how to configure different PHP versions and which versions are supported.

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Introducing Laravel Horizon
Laravel / July 25, 2017

Introducing Laravel Horizon

The moment everyone in the Laravel community has been waiting for has finally arrived! Learn about the just-released Laravel Horizon news in this overview introduction.

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LaravelLive India
Laravel / March 14, 2017

LaravelLive India

LaravelLive India is a brand new conference being held in New Delhi on March 19th. The speakers include Marcel Pociot, Lalit Vijay, Frederick Vanbrabant, Hannes Van De Vreken, and Freek Van der Herten. “LaravelLive India is a full-day event with an audience of about 200.” said Lalit Vijay the organizer, “Our goal is to bring …

Meetup Spotlight: Laravel Berlin
Laravel / February 02, 2016

Meetup Spotlight: Laravel Berlin

Laravel Berlin is a meetup group in Germany that was started in 2013 and is organized by Frank Lämmer and Franz Liedke. Some of their past meetings covered topics like API’s, Q&A with Taylor Otwel, 15 hidden Laravel gems, and more. I had the pleasure of interviewing Franz to find out more about their group …

ReadOrListen – A new project to turn written posts to audio
Laravel / January 26, 2016

ReadOrListen – A new project to turn written posts to audio

ReadOrListen is a new project created by Alfred Nutile that takes written tutorials and turns them into podcast episodes. Alfred says that he created the project because there are tons of great articles that he would love to listen to while he is cooking or driving. Because the articles are read by developers who understand …

New LaraJobs Features
Laravel / January 20, 2016

New LaraJobs Features

LaraJobs is the premier job board for Laravel developers and is a partner here on Laravel News. Over the past few weeks, a lot of work has put into the site and several new features have now been rolled out. For developers looking for a new job new features include: Previously, remote jobs were just …

Laravel Newsletter Changes
Laravel / January 11, 2016

Laravel Newsletter Changes

At the end of last year, I took two weeks off from Laravel News and spent the time thinking about ways of making the site and newsletter a better resource for you. I looked around at other weekly newsletters and came across a service that was built for creating a curated newsletter just as I …

Laravel / December 08, 2015

PHP 7.0 & HHVM Benchmark

Mark Gavalda has a new post benchmarking popular apps between PHP 7 and HHVM: Long story short, HHVM wins hands down. We won’t be abandoning our HHVM-first policy here at Kinsta.

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Laravel / October 16, 2015

On Hackathons

Stefan Priebsch writing about his experience at a Hackathon: Going back to the hotel, I realized that during the hackathon, the tight schedule had forced us to do pretty much everything that we all know you should not do. And that we had just experienced a “real” project situation: a tight deadline, not enough communication …

Laravel / October 15, 2015

Music For Programming

Music For Programmers is a website with curated music for programming. Music For Programmers is a series of mixes intended for listening while programming to aid concentration and increase productivity (also compatible with other activities). The music included is a mixture of the following qualities: Drones Noise Fuzz Field recordings Vagueness (Hypnagogia) Textures without rhythm …

Laravel / September 18, 2015

Laravel Spark Deep Dive

Matt Stauffer has created a new 3,500 word tutorial on the Alpha of Laravel Spark. Matt’s post covers all the geeky bits, with plenty of code samples, and images.

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