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Upgrading your Laravel Application with Laravel Shift
Laravel Applications / August 27, 2016

Upgrading your Laravel Application with Laravel Shift

We’ve covered Laravel Shift before and it’s a commercial project that will take a Laravel app and automatically upgrade it or shift it to the next version. This site was running Laravel 5.2 and now that 5.3 is released it was time to upgrade and I decided to give Laravel Shift a try. The setup …

Keep track of who you meet at conferences with ConFOMO
Laravel Applications / July 20, 2016

Keep track of who you meet at conferences with ConFOMO

ConFOMO is a Laravel and Vue.js application written by Matt Stauffer and Michael Dyrynda with the goal of giving you an easy way of keeping up with how you want to meet at conferences. You signup using Twitter, then add the Twitter handle for each person you’d like to meet. During the event as you …

October CMS releases their first stable version
Laravel Applications / July 04, 2016

October CMS releases their first stable version

October CMS has announced their first stable version: Today is a long-awaited date for all of us, October has finally reached a stable release! This version is based on the foundation framework Laravel 5.1 LTS (Long Term Support). Over the past two and a half years October has become a go-to platform for many developers …

Canvas – A new minimal blogging app
Laravel Applications / July 01, 2016

Canvas – A new minimal blogging app

Canvas is a new minimal blogging app by Todd Austin built on Laravel. It features writing in markdown with the Summernote WYSIWYG, a media uploader, post tags, and post scheduling. It is designed to be a standalone blogging app not installed into an existing Laravel app, but it looks a great way to start your …

PyroCMS v3 is announced
Laravel Applications / June 15, 2016

PyroCMS v3 is announced

PyroCMS the content management system that was originally built on CodeIgniter just announced v3 that has been completely rebuilt on Laravel. In their release announcement they say they are now back: Not that we ever went anywhere, but let’s face it.. anyone who hasn’t been following along wouldn’t recognize a single thing about Pyro but …

Building a Status Board using Laravel and Vue
Laravel Applications / June 09, 2016

Building a Status Board using Laravel and Vue

Freek Van der Herten has a new tutorial on how his team built a company status board using Laravel and Vue.js. Each tile is it’s own Vue component. Laravel’s default scheduler is used to periodically fetch some data from the API’s of Google Calendar,, etc… When Laravel receives a response from any of those …

Laravel Cheat Sheet
Laravel Applications / April 07, 2016

Laravel Cheat Sheet

Have you ever wanted a quick reference sheet for Laravel? The Laravel Cheat Sheet is a new project from the EST Group that shows you many of the Laravel features from a filterable web app. For those that have used Laravel for a few years, you may notice the similarities to Jesse O’Briens. Jesse hasn’t had …

Laravel Applications / April 01, 2016

Laravel Static Site Generator

Adam Wathan just released a new version of Jigsaw, a static site generator built using Laravel. Jigsaw is a framework for rapidly building static sites using the same modern tooling that powers your web applications. It features Blade templating, Markdown for content, and Elixir for compiling assets.

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Statamic v2 is released and it’s now powered by Laravel
Laravel Applications / March 31, 2016

Statamic v2 is released and it’s now powered by Laravel

Statamic the flat file CMS powered by markdown has been rebuilt from the ground up on Laravel 5.1 along with a brand new control panel. “Statamic 2 took a year of hard work, sweat, and whiskey tears, 4,000 commits, 200 beta testers, and 43 alpha/beta releases.” Jack McDade said in the announcement. You have to …

Laravel Applications / March 09, 2016

Katana – Blade powered static site & blog generator

Katana is a PHP static site & blog generator with markdown support. Using it you can deploy with Github pages or your own hosting environment. What I like is that it utilizes Blade to build the templates and files instead of straight markdown and YAML frontmatter. Here is an example of a blog post: @extends(‘_includes.blog_post_base’) …

Automatically upgrade your Laravel app with Shift
Laravel Applications / January 05, 2016

Automatically upgrade your Laravel app with Shift

Laravel Shift is a new project aimed at automatically upgrading out of date Laravel apps up to the current version. The way it works is you sign-in with either Github or BitBucket, purchase a shift (an upgrade package), and then review the pull request it automatically creates. I had a chance to speak with Jason, …

Laravel Applications / January 01, 2016

Stripe Donations with Laravel

Over the last year, I have ran into a few scenarios where I needed to receive money from someone that didn’t have Paypal. Searching around for a simple way of doing this turned up a few existing apps but they all either charge a monthly fee or take a big percentage of the sale. I …

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