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Laravel Up and Running Second Edition
Laravel Books / April 09, 2019

Laravel Up and Running Second Edition

Matt Stauffer announced that his book Laravel Up and Running Second Edition is available in ebook format, and the print book should ship some time in mid-April 2019.

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Announcing Building a Chatbot with Laravel and BotMan
Laravel Books / April 18, 2018

Announcing Building a Chatbot with Laravel and BotMan

Building a Chatbot with Laravel and Botman by Joe Dixon is a brand new hands-on tutorial style book that will teach you the steps to create your first chatbot.

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Review: Refactoring to Collections
Laravel Books / February 14, 2017

Review: Refactoring to Collections

“Never write another loop again.” A strong promo sentence used by Adam Wathan to market his Refactoring to Collections book, but does it hold the promise? Well, together we will explore how close that claim is to reality. If you are a Laravel developer, chances are you’ve heard about the collection pipeline before. While I …

Review of Test-Driven Laravel
Laravel Books / November 29, 2016

Review of Test-Driven Laravel

I’ve been programming for close to a decade, and I’m constantly trying to find ways so to improve my skill set to be able to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of technology. The one area I’ve always wanted to improve in has been testing. I’ve joked on Twitter about using my HasAdamWathanOnTelegramForSupport trait to …

New Book: Laravel Up and Running
Laravel Books / November 23, 2016

New Book: Laravel Up and Running

Matt Stauffer who has been blogging about Laravel since the 5.0 release, the host of the Laravel Podcast, and partner and technical director at has been working on a new Laravel book, Laravel: Up & Running, published by O’Reilly. Here are a few of the topics this book covers: Blade, Laravel’s powerful custom templating …

Laravel Books / April 27, 2016

Learn Laravel with Code Smart by Dayle Rees

Dayle Rees today launched his newest Laravel book, Code Smart. Laravel: Code Smart is the third installment in my ‘Code’ series of books for the Laravel framework. The ‘Code’ books have thousands of readers and are considered by many to be the most effective method of learning the Laravel framework. As always, my books serve …

Learn PHP with PHP Pandas
Laravel Books / July 29, 2015

Learn PHP with PHP Pandas

It can be a daunting task to try and learn a new programming language and the new book “PHP Pandas” by Dayle Rees aims to teach you the basics of PHP in a fun and informative way. This book is the third by Dayle with the previous two being Laravel specific, but they all carry …

Laravel and E-Commerce Book
Laravel Books / May 21, 2015

Laravel and E-Commerce Book

Yesterday I officially announced a new book that I’ve been co-authoring with W. Jason Gilmore. Easy E-Commerce using Laravel and Stripe is a fun, hands-on guide to building an online store. You’ll learn by doing, following along with the development of a store for a fictional lawn care and landscaping company. The book is divided …

Master Sublime Text with Sublime Text Power User
Laravel Books / April 21, 2015

Master Sublime Text with Sublime Text Power User

Sublime Text is one of the most popular editors for developers. It has tons of power, extremely light weight, and with a package system the customizations are limitless. I made the switch to it from TextMate years ago and even after all that time I’ve never truly mastered the editor. Wes Bos understood that problem …

Laravel Books / February 05, 2015

Learn Laravel 5 with Easy Laravel

Easy Laravel is a new book by W. Jason Gilmore, focusing entirely on the brand new Laravel 5. Easy Laravel features 8 chapters and over 200 pages to help you learn Laravel 5 quickly by building a real world project. Jason has spent the last 15 years using PHP, during this time he’s written seven …

Laravel Books / October 07, 2014

New Book – Servers For Hackers

Servers for Hackers is a new book by Chris Fidao. For those that are not familiar with it, it started out as a wildly successful newsletter. Each issue includes tips and tricks about server administration written toward developers. From the success of this Chris is releasing a new package of three products, an e-book, case …

Laravel Books / July 23, 2014

Book Review – Integrating Frontend Components

Maks Surguy has a new book out titled “Integrating Front end Components with Web Applications” and I finally had the chance to sit down and give it a read. The book is designed to show you step by step how to integrate common JavaScript plugins into your Laravel application. You might be thinking integrating plugins …


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