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Email Notifications from – sponsor
Sponsor / June 26, 2017

Email Notifications from – sponsor

Built specifically for Laravel, is a very powerful tool used by hundreds of developers to stay on top of their application’s health. In addition to performing live search and analysis on your log data, you can also set up custom alerts. Alerts can be used to automatically send a variety of notifications via email, Slack or a webhook when something important takes place in your application.

Understand has recently introduced a daily email digest, which will further help you to proactively monitor your web app. The daily email digest contains a summary of the total volume of events from the previous day and week. Also included is an incredible Anomaly Detector, which will automatically spot unexpected patterns and unusual activity in your logs, thereby surfacing issues without your intervention. helps you to keep your customers happy. Get started now with a free trial. Plans start from only $9 per month.

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