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Laravel Tutorials / updated: July 19, 2016

Forge Virtual Host Editor

A few nights ago I started moving all sites back into Forge. I say back because I was originally on Forge in its beta days and then some things happened in beta and my server became unlinked to Forge. So I needed to just redo the box and get everything set back up.

While doing this I had one big annoyance. Editing the virtual hosts. Sure it’s easy, but why not have these in Forge so I don’t have to fumble around via ssh? Right now I have three Laravel apps, a mailing list, Statamic, and a php forum system. The Laravel apps are simple and run as is. But the others all require some form of virtual host change. So by having these editable in Forge I can make quick adjustments, and get multiple sites up and running quicker.

I proposed this feature to Taylor and today it’s live! You can find by going into a site and looking at the bottom right icons, it’s the first one. I’m very excited for this feature and it will bring me developer happiness.

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