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Laravel Tutorials / updated: August 29, 2015

Inline CSS with Laravel and Mailgun

Antoine Augusti has a new tutorial out for automatically inlining css with outgoing emails.

This came at a great time for me because in last weeks newsletterI forgot to inline the styles. :) I actually looked at the package Antoine is using tijsverkoyen/CssToInlineStyles but after my typical 10 seconds of skimming the page I seen this:

Documentation: The class is well documented inline. If you use a decent IDE you’ll see that each method is documented with PHPDoc.

I said to myself, bah if you can’t even show a simple example then I’m not wasting my time and moved on. I’ve written about Open Source Marketing before on my personal site, because I think spending the extra 5 minutes of showcasing the benefits matters. Thank you, Antoine for showing just how easy this package is.

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