Learn Flexbox Interactively With Tailwind Online


July 29th, 2021


Knights of the Flexbox table is a fun, interactive, and completely free browser game to learn and remember Flexbox with Tailwind CSS.

Welcome to the Knights of the Flexbox table. A game where you can help Sir Frederic Flexbox and his friends to uncover the treasures hidden in the Tailwind CSS dungeons.

The premise of the game is using Flexbox and Tailwind CSS to navigate dungeons interactively. By learning how to use Tailwind CSS classes, you can move around the nights and conquer dungeons.

Knights of the Flexbox Dungeon Example

As you progress through the dungeons, you'll face different challenges to learn various Flexbox applications. For example, in the second dungeon, you use justify-center to align the Knights with the treasure matching their color:

Knights of the Flexbox Dungeon Example

Check it out today and start using Flexbox and Tailwind in your projects with ease at knightsoftheflexboxtable.com.

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