Laraconf Brazil 2016


October 14th, 2016


The Laravel community in South America put together their first unofficial one day Laravel conference in Brazil on October 8th.

“What I most enjoyed was the ability to network with every attendee,” said Matheus Marabesi one of the organizers, “people around Brazil came to our conference, and it was amazing”.

The event featured ten talks from scaling applications to TDD, to career development. It was a nice mixture of things developers care about. They also, with the help of the sponsors, were able to record every talk and have it available in a YouTube playlist.

Here are some event photos:

![Conference Bags](
Conference Bags
![Conference Signin](
Conference Signin
![LaraconfBrazil Banners](
LaraconfBrazil Banners
Matheus Marabesi also let me ask him a few questions about the event.

As an organizer how difficult was it getting everything setup and ready for the event?

We have sent to the attendees a survey with some questions, and one of them was about the experience in the conference. Indeed the attendees enjoyed the conference, and our average rating was above eight out of ten. Of course, we have much to improve, but it was only the first.

Most difficult part to build this conference was finding sponsors. In my opinion, this is because LaraconfBrasil never existed before so it was harder selling the benefits we could bring.

The second was to balance our time work with the time spent organizing all the small staff, such as buying souvenirs, talking with sponsors, visiting the theater and so on.

It looks like you had a range of talks, did you purposely plan this?

After we had chosen the location to hold the conference, Michael and I had to decide the speakers. The first thing that we have done was to get in touch with the Laravel community here in Brazil.

We invited Zizaco, the author of the Laravel intrust authorization package, Fábio Vedovelli who screencasts about Laravel on Codecast, and Isaque Souza who is the author of Laravel PagSeguro.

After that, we still had a few gaps in the schedule and then we decided to open a call for papers to fill it in, and you can see the entire list here.

The first LaraconfBrazil looks like it was a success and it is great to see Laracon now having a global presence. If you’d like to learn more about the community in Brazil, you can check out #LARACONFBRASIL.

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