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Laravel 5.6.5 Released
News / February 23, 2018

Laravel 5.6.5 Released

Laravel 5.6.5 is available as of Thursday with a patch for orWhere*() arguments and a few added features.

The first new feature is a model reference to the MassAssignmentException, which adds the model class to the exception message.

Setting locale on a Mailable is now possible in #23178, and three new udiff methods were added to collections:


Here’s the full release from the 5.6 changelog:

Release Notes for 5.6.x

v5.6.5 (2018-02-22)


  • Added model reference to MassAssignmentException (#23229)
  • Added support for setting the locale on Mailable (#23178, a432d9e)
  • Added new udiff methods to the Collection (#23107)


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