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Laravel / September 09, 2014

Laravel Removes GitHub Issues

In a recent move the Laravel core repository has removed issues and has posted the following in the documentation:

Pull requests for bugs may be sent without prior discussion with the Laravel development team. When submitting a bug fix, try to include a unit test that ensures the bug never appears again!

If you believe you have found a bug in the framework, but are unsure how to fix it, please send a pull request containing a failing unit test. A failing unit test provides the development team “proof” that the bug exists, and, after the development team addresses the bug, serves as a reliable indicator that the bug remains fixed.

If are unsure how to write a failing unit test for a bug, review the other unit tests included with the framework. If you’re still lost, you may ask for help in the #laravel IRC channel (Freenode).

Of course with all changes this has had mixed reactions. I personally think it’s for the best especially from the point of view of the project maintainers.

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