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Laravel Packages / March 25, 2016

Laravel Setup Wizard

Laravel Setup Wizard is a package to help you build a web setup wizard or installer for your application.

From the config file you can setup your apps requirements, folder permissions, and define the steps required:

'steps' => [
    'requirements' => \MarvinLabs\SetupWizard\Steps\RequirementsStep::class,
    'folders'      => \MarvinLabs\SetupWizard\Steps\FoldersStep::class,
    'env'          => \MarvinLabs\SetupWizard\Steps\EnvFileStep::class,
    'database'     => \MarvinLabs\SetupWizard\Steps\DatabaseStep::class,
    'my_step'      => \App\Setup\MyStep::class',
    'final'        => \MarvinLabs\SetupWizard\Steps\FinalStep::class,

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