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Laravel / November 10, 2014

On Laravel’s Future: Part 2

In this post on the new Laravel development blog, Taylor outlines Laravel’s Future and his plans in 2015:

So, beginning January 1st, I will take my place as UserScape Graduate #1 and begin a new journey of working on Laravel full-time.

The benefits for Laravel are tremendous. When I began working on Laravel part-time, I doubled the amount of time I could spend on the framework. Beginning January 1st, I will double it again. The success of Laravel and Forge exceeded my wildest expectations, but the best times are still ahead of us.

As a friend I am excited for him and what the future holds. As a co-worker I’m a little sad. Getting to know Taylor on a personal level over the past three years has been great. He is one of the nicest guys in the development world.

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