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Laravel Packages / June 15, 2015

Nginx Push Stream for Laravel Event Broadcaster

The HTTP Pushstream Module for Nginx is a powerful Websocket system and this package helps create a bridge between the module and Laravel’s event broadcaster.

How it works:

Once you setup all your routes for the pub/sub requests to the HTTP routes in in the location directives for Nginx, then you’ll be able to quickly open a socket on your client use the pushstream.js and push your broadcasts out using websocket or long-polling.

The pub/sub requests are internally called by the GuzzleHttp package. The broadcasting.php config file will use the pushstream driver where you can control the HTTP requests to the to your pub/sub endpoints.

You can lock down your pub/sub nginx endpoints using the Access Key Module. Here you can configure the key

Visit the Laravel Pushstream Broadcaster documentation for more details.

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