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PHP Podcasts
Podcast / updated: August 11, 2014

PHP Podcasts

php podcasts

Yitzchok Willroth aka @coderabbi has put together a list of his favorite PHP podcasts. He writes:

I’m a big fan of development podcasts. Perhaps hearing other developers chatting in a podcast replaces some of the camaraderie and opportunity for cross-pollination that’s lost when working exclusively as a remote, I don’t know, but whatever it is, new podcast releases are something that I definitely look forward to.

For me, I not a big podcast listener. I loose focus quickly if I’m trying to work while listening, and being remote I never seem to find time to actually listen. Compared to when I had to drive in to work everyday. The only exception to this is and bootstrapped which I listen to every episode.

I really wish that was more regular, it had a strong 4 or 5 week run but now it seems to be in a holding pattern. If you are into podcasts check out his post, I’m sure you’ll find some new favorites.

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