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Development Tools / June 06, 2014

PhpStorm 8

Bruno Skvorc has a new writeup covering all the new PhpStorm 8 features:

PhpStorm, my personal IDE of choice, and one we’ve covered before, is now approaching version 8 and has had its EAP version available since March 6th, 2014. Let’s take a look at what’s coming through their changelogs and EAP posts and additionally explain the most important features

What stands out to me is at version 8 they are still pushing out all these great new features and it gives me faith that PhpStom will not fizzle out like some of my past editors of choice. I bet I still use less than 10% of it’s features but I love seeing the keeping up with modern tooling. Plus with Webstorm included, it’s crazy powerful!

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