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We kick off 2016 with a discussion on Upgrading to Laravel 5.2, Laracon, the Linode DoS attack, And simple project management tips that have made us more productive.

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Eric L. Barnes

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Workflows, HTML email, and Laravel 5.7 changes

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Query packages, Laracon US 2018, and Laravel Nova

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Fugue States, Coding Horror, and LaraTalent with Ian Landsman

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Vultures, relationsheets, and community contributions

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Laravel 5.5 releases, dynamic templates, and community surveys

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Laravel and Lumen 5.5, shareable models, and chat bots

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Laracon EU, incoming mail, and API resources

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Laracon US 2017 wrap, Laravel Horizon, and new versions galore

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Laracon Sessions with Taylor Otwell, Jeffrey Way, Matt Stauffer, and Adam Wathan

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Laracon Sessions with Michele and Mathias Hansen

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Laracon Sessions with Laura Elizabeth

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Laracon Sessions with Jack McDade

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Laracon Sessions with Freek Van der Herten

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Laravel Macros, frontend presets, and Jigsaw

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Interview with Mohamed Said, Laravel's First Employee

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Forge updates, Ubuntu DNS issues, and PhpStorm 2017.1

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Recapping Laracon Online 2017

episode #32

Laravel Shift with Jason McCreary

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Laracon Online with Ian Landsman

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Laravel 5.4 with Taylor Otwell

episode #29

Welcome Jacob Bennett and Michael Dyrynda as the new hosts

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Laravel 5.3.18, Yarn, Leanpub, and more.

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Computer Vision Syndrome, Hacktoberfest, Laravel Valet

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Laravel 5.3.8, Spark 2, Lumen 5.3 and more!

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Laravel 5.3 and Shift with Taylor Otwell and Jason McCreary

episode #24

Laracon EU Special Edition

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The Laracon US Recap Episode

episode #22

The Laracon US 2016 Special With Taylor Otwell, Evan You, Chris Fidao, and Adam Wathan

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Laracon, Laravel 5.3 Advanced Where, October CMS, Canvas

episode #20

Refactoring to Collections with Adam Wathan

episode #19

A look at what's coming to Laravel 5.3

episode #18

Jack reads the news

episode #17

Laravel Echo, Valet, and PHP-FIG implosion

episode #16

Laravel Valet with Taylor Otwell and Adam Wathan

episode #15

Interview with Mike Bronner about his early experiences with Laravel Spark

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Laravel Spark with Taylor Otwell

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Covering a few community Laravel packages

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Composer updates, Laravel Backup 3, Katana, Mail Preview Driver, and more...

episode #11

Interview with Shawn McCool about Laracon EU and Laravel Spark

episode #10

Lots of converstion! CloudflareSSL and Forge, Laptop scam, Code fonts

episode #9

Laracon, Laravel Gurus, and more

episode #8

Database Backups, Test Driven Laravel, WordPress & Laravel, PDF generation, and the PHP Code of Conduct

episode #7

Laracon, Laravel 5.2, Simplecast, Linode, and Project Management

episode #6

PHP7, Laravel 5.2, LaraVer, and interviews with Colin O'Dell and Mike Bronner

episode #5

Laracon 2016 dates announced

episode #4

Laravel Homestead

episode #3

Laravel Quickstart Tutorials

episode #2

Laravel Model Factories

episode #1

Pilot: Welcome to the Laravel News Podcast

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