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Laravel / September 18, 2014

Rocketeer 2.0

Rocketeer, a PHP task runner and deployment package, just released v2.0.

New features include:

  • Added ability to run tasks in parallel via the –parallel flag (or -P)
  • Added ability to have multiple servers for one connection, just define them in a servers array in your connection, each entry being an usual connection credentials array
  • Added support for defining contextual configurations in files (.rocketeer/connections/{connection}/scm.php, same for stages)
  • Core tasks (Deploy, Check, Test, Migrate) now use a module system called Strategies
  • Added a Sync DeployStrategy in addition to Clone and Copy that uses rsync to create a new release
  • Added static helper Rocketeer::getDetectedStage to get the stage Rocketeer think’s he’s in on the server (for environment mappings)
  • Added support for checking of HHVM extensions
  • Added Task::upload(file, destination) to upload files to remote, destination can be null and the basename of the file would then be used

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