Bootstrap 4 Laravel Preset for Laravel 5.5
Laravel Packages / November 07, 2017

Bootstrap 4 Laravel Preset for Laravel 5.5

You can start using Bootstrap 4 beta with Laravel 5.5 with our new Bootstrap 4 frontend preset. The preset includes scaffolding for SCSS files, and imports Bootstrap 4 JavaScript plugins, jQuery, and Popper.js. As of this writing, we keep the jQuery dependency that ships with Laravel, but according to the Bootstrap documentation the jQuery slim version could be used instead.

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Bootstrap 4 Releases Its First Beta
News / August 11, 2017

Bootstrap 4 Releases Its First Beta

Bootstrap CSS has just released its first beta release of the new version 4 codebase.

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Canvas – A new minimal blogging app
Laravel Applications / July 01, 2016

Canvas – A new minimal blogging app

Canvas is a new minimal blogging app by Todd Austin built on Laravel. It features writing in markdown with the Summernote WYSIWYG, a media uploader, post tags, and post scheduling. It is designed to be a standalone blogging app not installed into an existing Laravel app, but it looks a great way to start your …

Setup Bootstrap Sass with Laravel Elixir
Laravel Tutorials / October 19, 2015

Setup Bootstrap Sass with Laravel Elixir

Laravel Elixir is a fantastic package that simplifies working with Gulp. For the unfamiliar Gulp is a JavaScript task runner that allows you to automate tasks. It can be used for compiling CSS, concating and minifying JavaScript, and much more. Gulp was designed to be faster than previous build tools by utilizing node streams and …

How to add Tagging to your Laravel App
Laravel Tutorials / October 12, 2015

How to add Tagging to your Laravel App

In recent years, tagging systems have become a popular way of categorizing items, and you can find them in almost every app. From blog posts to todo lists, they all have tagging implementations. Let’s look at how easy integrating a tagging system is in a Laravel app. In the Laravel Links app I created a …

Development Tools / August 25, 2015

What’s New in Bootstrap 4

Nicholas Cerminara writing for has a new post covering everything new in Bootstrap 4. Lots of new features including optional flex-box, new media queries, and much more.

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Laravel Packages / June 25, 2015

Bootstrap, Foundation, or Materialize styles for Laravel Pagination

Duilio Palacios launched a new package that allows you to easily style the pagination links created by Laravel. After installing the package you can simply edit a config file and define which framework you are using then everything else is handled automatically: return array( ‘theme’ => ‘bootstrap’ ); The current release support Bootstrap, Foundation, and …

Setting up Laravel Elixir with Bootstrap
Laravel Tutorials / October 31, 2014

Setting up Laravel Elixir with Bootstrap

Please Note: This tutorial is designed around Laravel 5 and the beta version of Elixir. You can find a recent tutorial here: Setup Bootstrap Sass with Laravel Elixir This tutorial will remain on the site for historical reasons but you should read the new one. One exciting feature coming in Laravel 5 is the new …

Laravel / June 06, 2014

Using Bootstrap as a Mixin Library

Adam Wathan has a new post on the Vehikl blog with some tips on setting up Bootstrap and using less mixins for more semantic HTML. The Bootstrap website doesn’t do a great job of encouraging you to use their source Less files, but it makes it a lot easier to write clean, semantic markup. I …


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